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Department of Civil Engineering

College of Engineering & Computer Science

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Individual and Family Support - 2014

The following individuals or families made donations or sponsored events of the Civil Engineering Department during the 2014 calendar year, such as An Evening With Industry, the Ken Kerri Endowment Fund Luncheon, or one the student scholarship funds. If you would like to make a private, tax-deductible gift to the Department, click here and specify that you want your gift to go to the Department of Civil Engineering. 

Thank you for your support. We hope you will continue to support the Department in the future.

Ms. Hoda Alinasab *
Mr. Seung T. Baik
Mr. Michael A. Barbour, P.E. *
Mr. Julius D. Bautista, P.E. *
Ms. Wendy Beltrami
Mr. Orin N. Bennett, P.E. *
Mr. Phillip F. Brozek, P.E. *
Mr. Bill Busath, P.E. *
Dr. Richard Cuenca, P.E. *
Mr. Brian K. Currier, P.E.
Mr. Jose Diaz
Mrs. Mary J. Diebert *
Mr. Robert C. Douglass, P.E. *
Ms. Ranny A. Eckstrom, P.E. *
Mr. Eduard Egov *
Mr. Gerald J. Fejarang, P.E. *
Mr. Carol Frommelt
Mrs. Stephanie P. Gallagher *
Mr. George W. Gilfillan *
Mr. Robert A. Gillette, P.E.
Ms. Erin Grimm
Ms. Joan Hawley
Mr. Lyle N. Hoag, P.E.
Ms. Sandra J. Houck, P.E. *
Ms. Beverly M. Hughes-Mason *
Mr. Craig R. Johnson, P.E.
Mr. Melvin H. Johnson, P.E. *
Professor John R. Johnston, P.E. and Christine L. Granger
Dr. Kenneth D. Kerri, P.E. *
Mr. Wendell H. Kido, P.E.
Mr. Rik T. Larson *
Professor Ramzi J. Mahmood, P.E.
Mr. James A. Marchand *
Ms. Rozanne S. McPhee *
Mr. Samuel P. Miller, P.E. *
Mrs. Elaine Charlotte Moody
Mrs. Amanda M. Morrow, P.E. *
Mr. Cuong H. Nguyen, P.E. *
Mr. Roger Allen Norris *
Mr. Glen Nunnelley, P.E. *
Mr. Marco J. Palilla, P.E. *
Mr. James M. Pappas, P.E.
Mr. Walter G. Pettit, P.E. *
Ms. Gail Randol
Mr. Richard G. Reinhardt, P.E. *
Mr. Roberto Rosales
Mr. Larry Russell
Enoch and Carol Samuel
Ms. Shukurat O. Sanni *
Mr. James Sequeira *
Ms. Mary E. Serra *
Mr. Stanley E. Shumaker *
Mr. Clark E. Stanage, P.E. *
Mr. Norbert F. Suter, P.E. *
Mr. Terry T. Tice, P.E. *
Mr. Mai-Tram Le, P.E.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weir
Mr. Robert W. Wright, P.E. *
Mr. Zachary G. Wright *

* - Sacramento State Alumni

If you or your family made a donation in the 2014 calendar year but are not listed above, or if you would like your listing modified or removed, please contact Dr. Ben Fell directly at (916) 278-8139 or