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Team 1 group photo

Delivery Bot

Team: Bhatti, Gill, Nijjar, and Singh

There is a need of innovative techniques to help nursing home staff to decrease the contact of nurses and residents to help contains the virus better. In order to address this issue our robot will deliver medical supplies, food etc. to affected patients autonomously.

Delivery Bot Poster

Team 2 group photo

Project Athena

Team: Bolles, Garcia, Gonzalez, and Rodriguez Jr

Our robotic system will assist firefighters in their recovery efforts through the use of object recognition. Our team has been working on developing a quadrupedal robotic systems that has the ability to traverse different terrains.

Project Athena Poster

FSOC Nation (Free Space Optical Communication)

Team: Amaya, Bonilla Vera, Jaswal, and Villaneuva

FSOC is a cost-effective ultra-wideband communication device capable of establishing a secure ethernet broadband connection using light as the transmission medium.

FSOC Nation Poster

Cardiovascular Health Device

Team: Anderson, Jaishi Mishri, Nguyen, Smith, Steinlein

Heart Disease and other cardiovascular diseases kill hundreds of thousands of people every year and can be nearly impossible to detect. Having an easy to wear, portable, and long-term device to monitor cardiac health can potentially save lives.

Cardiovascular Health Device Poster

A.B.S - Autonomous Book Solution

Team: Alauldinn, Malhi, Shah, and Silva Avina

Our machine and interactive website will allow users to find and check-out books, all while maintaining social distancing and avoiding face-to-face interaction.

A.B.S. Poster

Team 6 Group Photo

W.A.S.P Wireless & Autonomous Surveillance for Pandemic

Team: Cornell, Filimon, Le, and Maxwell

Our project uses a custom-made artificial intelligence to detect whether people are wearing a mask properly when entering a monitored space. It will make use of a wirelessly controlled camera to be able to do its detection.

W.A.S.P Poster

Team 7 Group Photo

Loneliness Avengers

Team: Lugo, Rodriguez, Tapia, and Thorpe

QB was created to address the lack of social or emotional support caused by quarantine and social distancing for those prone to suffer from stress or similar mental health issues.

Loneliness Avengers Poster

Team 8 Group Photo

Population Tracking for Covid

Team: Biggers, Dye, Patten, Trotsyuk

Reduce the spread of Covid by monitoring symptoms and human movement patterns through a device with various sensors.

Population Tracking Poster

Team 9 Group Photo

R.F.C.T.S - Radio Frequency Contact Tracing System

Team: Allen, Moncrief, Saavedra, Sharp

To aid with contact tracing among medical staff and patients in a close proximity environment through wearable sensors and a central receiving unit that communicate through radio frequency waves.

R.F.C.T.S Poster

Team 10 Group Photo

Project Litter Bot Lab Prototype

Team: Navarrete Jr, Babiy, Lee, Robinson

We are designing an autonomous scouring bot as a remedy to mitigate the man-made litter pollution and reduce its impacts on the environment.

Project Litter Bot Poster

Team 11 Group Photo

Robofuel - Automatic Gas Pump

Team: Abdel-Gwad, Gomez, Hellem, Moore

In light of a global pandemic, affecting more than 20 million people and lasting longer than 6 months, there is an ever growing need to solve how traditional gas pumps are operated today.

Robofuel Poster

Team 12 Group Photo

Woodland Watcher

Team: Kaur, Nevis Jr, Nguyen, Reed

Despite efforts made by CAL Fire, Wildfires have been increasing in frequency, intensity, and seasonal duration. The goal behind the Woodland Watcher is to provide forested areas with constant observation by monitoring smoke and temperature at each "Post."

Woodland Watcher Poster

Team 13 Group Photo

Fire Blockers

Team: Baker, Shtevnina, Yamaletdinov, Zaverukha

Our robot is designed to autonomously navigate around a property while spraying fire suppressing material in the surrounding area to help U.S. Residents who live in WUI and delay mandate evacuations when wildfires occur.

Fire Blockers Poster

Team 14 Group Photo


Team: Clements, Costello, Garcia, Repko, Torres

Airflow in public areas can quickly spread infectious airborne diseases, compromising the health and safety of the occupants.

New EIR Poster