Dean's Honors List

Spring 2018

 Semester Honors are awarded and the notation "Deans Honors List" is posted to the permanent academic record for freshmen earning a 3.0 GPA and other undergraduates earning a 3.25 GPA. To be eligible in either category, students must complete a minimum of 12 letter-graded units with no incomplete grades and no grade lower than a C-.

Graduate students are not eligible for the Dean's Honors List.


Last Name

First Name


Abi Abdallah Anthony Mechanical Engineering
Abramchuk Samuel Pre-Computer Science
Abramyan Samuel Civil Engineering
Achee Kyra Civil Engineering
Acob Martin Karl Computer Science
Adenwala Muhammad Pre-Computer Science
Aguilar Diego Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Aguilar Javier Mechanical Engineering
Aguilar Luis Civil Engineering
Aguirre Gabriel Computer Science
Ahmadi Arzoo Pre-Computer Science
Ajaz Shazim Pre-Computer Science
Albrecht Seth Computer Engineering
Alcantar Omar Mechanical Engineering
Alcantar Oscar Pre-Computer Science
Alejandrino Kevin Computer Science
Alexander Chase Mechanical Engineering
Ali Nora Computer Engineering
Almeida Cristina Civil Engineering
Almond Hailey Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Alonzo Anghela Athene Civil Engineering
Alshaya Ibrahim Saleh A Mechanical Engineering
Alvarez Carlos Civil Engineering
Amaya Alexander Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Ambriz Erick Mechanical Engineering
Amin Sameer Mechanical Engineering
Amir Shayan Tom Pre-Computer Science
Anaya Jose Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Anderson Tyler Mechanical Engineering
Andrade Alberto Computer Engineering
Angeles Michael Mechanical Engineering
Antonyuk Sofiya Pre-Computer Science
Anwar Zamin Mechanical Engineering
Apodaca Paul Pre-Construction Management
Aquino Allen Jerel Computer Science
Ardon Castro Luis Computer Science
Arevalo-Lizasuain Christian Pre-Computer Science
Armstrong Jonathan Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Arnold Autumn Computer Science
Asheer Abdulla Mechanical Engineering
Ataie Amarloie Sarang Mechanical Engineering
Atwal Amritpal Computer Science
Atwell Aaron Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Au Johnny Computer Science
Au Quan Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Avalos Jonathan Mechanical Engineering
Avetisyan Moses Mechanical Engineering
Avila Irrael Mechanical Engineering
Avila Luis Mechanical Engineering
Avila Maldonado Julian Civil Engineering
Avilez Jorge Mechanical Engineering
Babchanik Anton Mechanical Engineering
Babchanik David Civil Engineering
Backinger Terra Civil Engineering
Badar Saim Civil Engineering
Baghdadi Sason Computer Science
Bairan Christine Civil Engineering
Bairan Earnest Felix Civil Engineering
Balanay Branden Computer Science
Banford Nicholas Mechanical Engineering
Barbieri Mallory Civil Engineering
Barchuk Diana Mechanical Engineering
Barchuk Inna Civil Engineering
Barnett John Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Barrera Adrian Computer Engineering
Barrientos Erwin Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Bartalini Robert Civil Engineering
Basiuk Kiryl Computer Engineering
Becia Laura Civil Engineering
Bendick David Mechanical Engineering
Benipal Inderpal Pre-Computer Science
Bergamini Nicholas Computer Engineering
Bernatchy Aaron Civil Engineering
Berr Steffen Civil Engineering
Bettencourt Ty Computer Science
Bhandal Nagvit Computer Science
Biegler Colby Computer Science
Biggers Micah Computer Engineering
Bigler Joshua Computer Science
Bimson Joshua Mechanical Engineering
Blake Dillon Mechanical Engineering
Boarts Jonilyn Mechanical Engineering
Bolanos Christian Mechanical Engineering
Bonanni Marco Mechanical Engineering
Boyko Pavel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Boyles Ryan Computer Science
Bracamontes Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Bresee Hagen Civil Engineering
Bresnahan James Pre-Construction Management
Brittain Evan Computer Science
Broddrick Alysia Computer Science
Broderick Anthony Mechanical Engineering
Brown Erik Mechanical Engineering
Browning Christopher Mechanical Engineering
Bru Kayla Civil Engineering
Brutskiy Igor Civil Engineering
Bui Alexander Civil Engineering
Burhop Donald Computer Engineering
Burke David Pre-Computer Science
Burton Garret Civil Engineering
Buttar Amit Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Butterworth Alastair Mechanical Engineering
Cabugwas Marlon Ray Computer Engineering
Caculba Marah Civil Engineering
Cahill Joel Computer Science
Calamateo Sanchez Hector Mechanical Engineering
Calderon Juan Pre-Construction Management
Calderon Perez Cesar Computer Engineering
Calzado Jerruz Mechanical Engineering
Campbell Joshua Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Campos Joseph Construction Management
Canedo Erika Pre-Construction Management
Capewell Connor Pre-Computer Science
Cardona-Guzman Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Carlsen Peter Mechanical Engineering
Casas Nicolas Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Castaneda-Valdovinos Diana Civil Engineering
Castro Cyrill Pre-Computer Science
Cha Andy Computer Engineering
Cha Mikael Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Chan Maggie Civil Engineering
Chanthilack Patrick Pre-Computer Science
Chatmon Nicole Pre-Construction Management
Chau Allen Computer Engineering
Chau Quy Mechanical Engineering
Chen Darren Mechanical Engineering
Chen Derek Computer Engineering
Chen Jennifer Computer Science
Chen Jiahao Pre-Computer Science
Chen Jin Mechanical Engineering
Cheong Kevin Computer Science
Chetty Kevin Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Cheung Jacsica Computer Science
Cheung Jessica Civil Engineering
Childers Morgan Mechanical Engineering
Chiley Vadim Civil Engineering
Chiu Setsuna Pre-Computer Science
Chounlamontry Nicholas Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Chumber Naveen Computer Science
Cimpan Joshua Mechanical Engineering
Clark Edward "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Co Benson Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Colanto Kenneth Mechanical Engineering
Collie Mitchell Mechanical Engineering
Collins David Civil Engineering
Colton Thomas Civil Engineering
Colvin Ian Computer Science
Contreras Zane Mechanical Engineering
Cooke Tia Mechanical Engineering
Cooper John Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Corcoran Nicholas Construction Management
Cordero Jojo Paolo Mechanical Engineering
Corona Abel Mechanical Engineering
Corsini Johanna Computer Science
Cortes Carlos Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Cortes James Civil Engineering
Cortes Sergio Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Cortez Justin Pre-Construction Management
Cortez Mark-Joseph Pre-Computer Science
Coughran Madalyn Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Cowley Maison Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Crayne Jeffrey Mechanical Engineering
Crittendon Mark Mechanical Engineering
Croce Sonja Mechanical Engineering
Crowe Kevin Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Crum Caitlin Pre-Computer Science
Crumley Nicolas Mechanical Engineering
Cunanan Jerome Ray Computer Science
Cunningham Michael Mechanical Engineering
Dal Porto Rachael Civil Engineering
Dallas Zachary "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Dam Quyen Civil Engineering
Danchuk Vitaliy Civil Engineering
Dang Dennis Pre-Computer Science
Daood Maram Pre-Construction Management
Darrow Timothy Computer Science
Davis Joshua Pre-Computer Science
Davis Margaret Computer Engineering
Davis Tanner Mechanical Engineering
Davydov Paul Pre-Computer Science
Dean Eric Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Deckert Benjamin Mechanical Engineering
Defazio Amanda Pre-Computer Science
DeFazio Evan Pre-Construction Management
Delaney Maxton Pre-Computer Science
Delaplane Garrett Computer Science
Delgado Elias Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Demchuk Ilya Mechanical Engineering
Denne Veronica Civil Engineering
Deubel Richard Mechanical Engineering
Dhanoa Angad Pal Computer Engineering
Diaz Victor Civil Engineering
Diehl Cory Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Diel Nathan Mechanical Engineering
Diep Tien Mechanical Engineering
Difuntorum Parker Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Dinh Peter Pre-Computer Science
Dip Raymond Computer Engineering
Dixon Kyle Mechanical Engineering
Do Espirito Santo Fabricio Computer Science
Doan Le Computer Engineering
Dolin Sarah Civil Engineering
Dollesin Nicholas Computer Science
Dominguez Cecilia Computer Science
Dominguez Ayala Alexis Computer Engineering
Donati Joseph Computer Science
Dong Tien Pre-Computer Science
Donis Holly Computer Science
Doroshuk David Mechanical Engineering
Doud Christopher Civil Engineering
Dremalas Matthew Civil Engineering
Dubble Nicholas Computer Science
Dunaway Alexandra Civil Engineering
Duong Charmaine Civil Engineering
Duong Thomas Computer Science
Dye Paul Computer Engineering
Dyer Brian Mechanical Engineering
Dzyuba Yuriy Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Easton Christopher Civil Engineering
Ebenezer Andrew Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Edrees Mutaz Mechanical Engineering
Eiramjani Dimitri Computer Science
Elies Ciprian Computer Science
Enas Josiah Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Enberg Aaron Computer Science
Enberg Jon Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Encinas Andrew Computer Engineering
Engdaw Mulugeta Computer Engineering
Enright Andrew Computer Engineering
Esparza Elias Civil Engineering
Esparza Oscar Computer Science
Esquivel Jaren Mechanical Engineering
Estrada Ivan Civil Engineering
Evans Melvin Pre-Computer Science
Evans Rodney Mechanical Engineering
Ezaki Joseph Computer Science
Fanning Angelia Mechanical Engineering
Farah Haweya Civil Engineering
Fayyaz Tahir Mechanical Engineering
Ferguson Bryan Mechanical Engineering
Ferrer Matthew Civil Engineering
Fetherolf James Mechanical Engineering
Fierros Hernandez Mario "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Filer Colin Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Flordeliz Jameela Civil Engineering
Flores Carmela Computer Engineering
Flores Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Foley Sean Pre-Computer Science
Foster Jordan Mechanical Engineering
Freas Jacob Mechanical Engineering
Fredericks Christian "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Frey Brian Pre-Computer Science
Fuller Cecelia Civil Engineering
Gabriel John Christian Civil Engineering
Gaglianone Giuliana Civil Engineering
Galang Samantha Pre-Computer Science
Galeta Pavel Mechanical Engineering
Gandall Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Garboden Harlow Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Garcia Leslie Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Garcia Nestor Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Garcia Roberto Mechanical Engineering
Garcia Venegas Jose Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Garnham Kevin Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Gass Derrek Pre-Computer Science
Gates Timothy Pre-Computer Science
George Breeana Computer Science
Gerard Kyle Mechanical Engineering
Gharaibeh Rami Civil Engineering
Ghiglione Jack Mechanical Engineering
Gills Braden Pre-Computer Science
Giordano Julia Civil Engineering
Gizicki Benn Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Glaves Mckayla Computer Engineering
Goh Xin Zhen Computer Science
Gomez Analiss Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Gomez Dawson Alyce Computer Science
Gonzalez Erik Computer Engineering
Gonzalez Russell Pre-Construction Management
Goodarzi Moslem Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Goree Stephen Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Gowdey Anja Construction Management
Graf Tanner Civil Engineering
Green Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering
Grottkau Christopher Civil Engineering
Guerrero Alexis Civil Engineering
Guertin Savanna Pre-Computer Science
Guiao Rodolfo Civil Engineering
Gul Rasool Civil Engineering
Gupta Tanish Mechanical Engineering
Gurtovenko Dennis Mechanical Engineering
Gutierrez Luis Uriel Computer Science
Gutierrez Ricky Computer Science
Haas Jake Pre-Computer Science
Hagad Matthew Computer Engineering
Hagen Timothy "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Hagerty Levi Mechanical Engineering
Hagman Daniel Mechanical Engineering
Haile Kaleb Computer Science
Hall Edward Pre-Computer Science
Hall Michael Mechanical Engineering
Halliday Brandon Civil Engineering
Halterman Ehsan Computer Engineering
Hamid Abobaker Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Hamm Brayden Computer Engineering
Han Alexander Computer Engineering
Harkness Jesse Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Harlan Travis Mechanical Engineering
Haro Graham Pre-Construction Management
Harris Bradley Computer Science
Hartigan Aaron Computer Science
Hartigan Alexander Mechanical Engineering
Hatton Christopher Civil Engineering
Hazell Kyle Pre-Computer Science
He Tingting Computer Science
Hedge Benjamin Pre-Computer Science
Helmand Matteen Computer Engineering
Hendry Michael Civil Engineering
Henry Andre Mechanical Engineering
Henry Victoria Civil Engineering
Herrera Anthony Pre-Computer Science
Heu Soloman Pre-Computer Science
Hidalgo Kristoffer Mechanical Engineering
Hilton Riley Mechanical Engineering
Hipolito Martinez Christian Construction Management
Ho Brandon Pre-Computer Science
Ho Khoi Ricky Pre-Computer Science
Ho Phu Computer Science
Ho Tim Civil Engineering
Ho Tony Civil Engineering
Hoang Christopher Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Hoang Emily Civil Engineering
Hoang Justin Computer Science
Hoang Sky Computer Science
Hoang Thomas Computer Science
Hoehn Paul Computer Engineering
Holliday Gene Civil Engineering
Hong Benjamin Pre-Computer Science
Hoong James Civil Engineering
Hopwood Amy Mechanical Engineering
Hsu Enoch Computer Engineering
Htet Ye Yint Nay Civil Engineering
Hu Patrick Civil Engineering
Hua Jacob Computer Science
Huang Brian Computer Engineering
Huey Andersen Computer Engineering
Hughes Morgan Pre-Computer Science
Humphrey Collin Construction Management
Huston Marcus Computer Engineering
Huynh James Computer Engineering
Huynh Tran Ngoc bao Pre-Computer Science
Hy Calvin Mechanical Engineering
Ibrahim Faizan Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Ilagan Karen Melissa Mechanical Engineering
Ingraffia Arthur Mechanical Engineering
Iniguez Jose Mechanical Engineering
Ishii Matthew Computer Science
Jagur Sham Mechanical Engineering
Jahami Mahdi Mechanical Engineering
Jamel Moshriq Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Janami Misagh Computer Science
Jarvis Haleigh Mechanical Engineering
Jimenez Ulices Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Jivan Michael Computer Science
Johnson Aaron Mechanical Engineering
Johnson Blake Mechanical Engineering
Johnson Christopher Pre-Construction Management
Johnson Georgia Caroline Mechanical Engineering
Johnson Kaicha Computer Engineering
Johnson Taylor Mechanical Engineering
Johnston James Mechanical Engineering
Johnston Thomas Construction Management
Jones Chase Computer Science
Jones Quixari Pre-Computer Science
Journey Karl Civil Engineering
Juarez Garcia Litzy Pre-Computer Science
Junio Brian Computer Science
Karamalak Olga Civil Engineering
Kassel Joseph Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Kaur Anureet Pre-Computer Science
Kaur Jaskiran Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Kaur Jasmeen Computer Engineering
Kautai Vitolio Mechanical Engineering
Kelleher Peter Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Keller Calvert Civil Engineering
Keller Kyle Computer Science
Kelley Life Civil Engineering
Kendrick David Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Keri Travis Computer Science
Keth Alex Computer Engineering
Khachadourian Dante Civil Engineering
Khaleq Yousef Pre-Computer Science
Khan Fizzah Pre-Computer Science
Khomyshyn Pavlo Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Khoo Mark Civil Engineering
Khoo Michael Computer Engineering
Khoonsirivong Jayven Computer Engineering
Kiksman Daniel Pre-Computer Science
Kiloh Shannon Computer Science
Kim Valeriy Mechanical Engineering
Kingsbury Dylan Mechanical Engineering
Kingsbury Ryan Pre-Computer Science
Kiosa Stanislav "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Kirk James Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Kirk Scott Construction Management
Kislyanka Elona Civil Engineering
Kistanov Daniil Pre-Computer Science
Kitelinger Brandon Mechanical Engineering
Klaffa Samir Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Klein Matthew Mechanical Engineering
Kondrashevich Daniel Computer Science
Kopbayev Rustem Mechanical Engineering
Korneyenko Denis Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Koshavenko Kristina Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Kostyukevich Dmitriy Mechanical Engineering
Kovac Craig Computer Engineering
Koya Mohammed Mechanical Engineering
Krumbach Thomas Pre-Construction Management
Kumar Anjali Civil Engineering
Kumar Karun Mechanical Engineering
Kutsar Avenir Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Kuzmin Daniel Computer Science
Kwon Christopher Mechanical Engineering
Lacap Lyudmida Computer Engineering
Lagunas Edgar Civil Engineering
Lai Andrew Construction Management
Lamb Jackson Mechanical Engineering
Lapidus Julian Civil Engineering
Lappen Erik Civil Engineering
Lattuada Nicholas Pre-Construction Management
Lau Ambrose Civil Engineering
Lau Richard Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Lausterer Maria Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence Haley Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Le Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Le Jimmy Computer Engineering
Le Nicholas Mechanical Engineering
Lee Alexander Computer Science
Lee Andrew Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Lee Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Lee Kun Woo Mechanical Engineering
Lee Ronald Mechanical Engineering
Lee Sam Computer Engineering
Lee Wonkyu Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Lei Yongfen Pre-Computer Science
Leonardo John Pre-Computer Science
Leones Alexander Computer Engineering
Leung Chun Yue Computer Science
Leung Grant Pre-Computer Science
Levesque Eirik Mechanical Engineering
Levy Wyatt Mechanical Engineering
Li Jian Pre-Computer Science
Li Weicheng Civil Engineering
Liang Tony Computer Science
Lim Cameron Pre-Computer Science
Lin Jeremy Computer Science
Lin Tswun-Jin Mechanical Engineering
Linares Cortez Karina Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Liu Kyne Computer Science
Lo Ken Mechanical Engineering
Logoteta Jeremy Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Londero Kevin Pre-Construction Management
Lonsdale Alexander Mechanical Engineering
Lopez Joaquin Pre-Computer Science
Lopez Lisbeth Pre-Computer Science
Lorentzen Zeno Computer Engineering
Loza Enrique Mechanical Engineering
Lozano Alexis Computer Engineering
Lu Bryant Computer Science
Lu Jonathan Construction Management
Lua Marco Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Luc Andy Mechanical Engineering
Luchini Michael Computer Science
Lule Estevan Computer Engineering
Ly Justin Computer Science
Ly Krista Civil Engineering
Ly-Lee Richard Civil Engineering
Lynch Jessica Civil Engineering
Lynskey Zachary Construction Management
Ma Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Macahilas Hana Mechanical Engineering
Macam Adrian Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Machado Nathan Civil Engineering
Madriz Anzize Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Magana Teresa Civil Engineering
Mai Thanh Computer Science
Maksimiuk Pawel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Malaki Sidlak Caleb Computer Science
Maldonado Christian Mechanical Engineering
Maldonado William Mechanical Engineering
Malhi Sajanpreet Computer Engineering
Malhotra Ajinkya Computer Science
Mancillas David Mechanical Engineering
Manuel Ricardo Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Manzanares Mitch Computer Science
Margaryan Victoria Pre-Computer Science
Markhieh Hala Pre-Construction Management
Marquez Cristian Mechanical Engineering
Marshall Katie Civil Engineering
Martinez Alfred Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Martinez Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Martinez Francisco Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Martinez Parker Computer Science
Martinez Victoria Civil Engineering
Martinez-Garcia Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Masoud Amr Computer Science
Masoud Eahab Computer Science
Matsakyan Julya Computer Science
Mchugh Paul Computer Science
Mckee Brian Mechanical Engineering
Mello Paul Pre-Computer Science
Melville Lucas Mechanical Engineering
Mendes Bryan Construction Management
Mendoes Tyler Construction Management
Mercado John Raymond Mechanical Engineering
Merrill Matthew Computer Science
Meteer Tyler Civil Engineering
Meyers Douglas Mechanical Engineering
Meza Max Pre-Construction Management
Mezquita Priscilla Mechanical Engineering
Michaelson Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Minlikayev Valentin Civil Engineering
Modesto Israel "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Mohamed Abdelrahman Said Yousef Ahmed Mechanical Engineering
Mok Joshua Civil Engineering
Molitvenik Iryna Pre-Computer Science
Monroy Brian Pre-Computer Science
Monteros Daniel Mechanical Engineering
Moore Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering
Morales Leonel Mechanical Engineering
Moreno Jorge Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Morpurgo David Computer Engineering
Morris Ryan Computer Science
Morrison Michael Computer Science
Mossburg Cody Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Moua Tyler Computer Engineering
Moulton Thomas Civil Engineering
Muller Eric Civil Engineering
Munoz Gabriela Computer Engineering
Murdock Devin Computer Science
Murillo Jesus Mechanical Engineering
Murillo Victor Mechanical Engineering
Najera Evamarie Computer Science
Nason Matthew Civil Engineering
Nation Brian Mechanical Engineering
Navai Amir Pre-Computer Science
Navarro Eddie Pre-Computer Science
Near Wesley Mechanical Engineering
Nehl Joseph Computer Science
Nelson Alexander Computer Science
Neroda Alina Civil Engineering
Newaz Shah Computer Science
Nguyen Aaron Mechanical Engineering
Nguyen An "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Nguyen Anh Pre-Computer Science
Nguyen Brent Civil Engineering
Nguyen Han Mechanical Engineering
Nguyen Kenneth Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nguyen Khoi Civil Engineering
Nguyen Nicholas Computer Engineering
Nguyen Nicholas Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nguyen Sang Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Nguyen Tan Thien Pre-Computer Science
Nguyen Tao Phuong Computer Science
Nooner Jerod Pre-Computer Science
Norris Jared Civil Engineering
Ochoa-Sanchez Roberto Computer Science
Oconnor Chase Pre-Computer Science
O'Hair Scott Computer Science
Olabode Afolabi Pre-Computer Science
Olazava-Broadbent Clint Mechanical Engineering
Oleshko Malvina Computer Science
Olifir Artyom Mechanical Engineering
Olson Tyler Mechanical Engineering
Onyshko Alexander Computer Engineering
Orfitelli Nicholas Computer Engineering
Ortiz Jasper Pre-Construction Management
Ortiz Victor Construction Management
Osman Sufyan Computer Engineering
Oudeh Mustafa Computer Engineering
Pafford Alison Mechanical Engineering
Palnikov Allen Pre-Computer Science
Palsgaard Nicholas "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Pardede Rose Mechanical Engineering
Parhar Prabhjot Civil Engineering
Paripa Aleksandr Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Parra Kendall Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Pascual Andrew Computer Engineering
Patel Dhwani Harishbhai Pre-Computer Science
Patel Dylan Pre-Computer Science
Paterson Brent Computer Science
Pauley Eric Computer Science
Paulson Jack Mechanical Engineering
Pena Kathryn Mechanical Engineering
Pereira Travis Mechanical Engineering
Perez Antonio Mechanical Engineering
Perez Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Perez-Hunt Arturo Civil Engineering
Perron Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Peterson Kaylee Civil Engineering
Pettet John Pre-Computer Science
Pham Huy Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Pham Nhan Pre-Computer Science
Phan Anh Pre-Computer Science
Phan Brian Pre-Computer Science
Phan Julienne Pre-Computer Science
Pires Austin Pre-Construction Management
Pitcock Michael Civil Engineering
Planchard Caitlin "Mechanical Engineering Blended"
Plant Randall Computer Science
Platon Peter Mechanical Engineering
Pokhrel Nirmala Civil Engineering
Polio Jesse Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Ponton Giovan Mechanical Engineering
Pontureri Robert Civil Engineering
Pope Grace Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Porcalla Justin Civil Engineering
Postnov Yevgeniy Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Potter George Mechanical Engineering
Price Ryan Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Priymak David Mechanical Engineering
Proffit Breeana Computer Engineering
Prokopik Edward Computer Science
Puou Michael Pre-Computer Science
Putzig Zachary Mechanical Engineering
Quattrocchi Warren Pre-Computer Science
Quijas Victor Mechanical Engineering
Quintero Eduardo Mechanical Engineering
Rabago David Computer Engineering
Rademacher Weston Civil Engineering
Rai Anand Pre-Computer Science
Ramirez Teresa Pre-Computer Science
Rangel Cristopher Civil Engineering
Rapacon Andrew Mechanical Engineering
Redmond Bradley Mechanical Engineering
Refe Jessica Mechanical Engineering
Remoy Erik Mechanical Engineering
Rempe Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Rentschler Nicklaus Computer Engineering
Repko Maksim Computer Engineering
Reyes Jeffrey Thomas Civil Engineering
Reyes Jose Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Reynolds Jason Mechanical Engineering
Rica Christopher Civil Engineering
Richmond Joshua Pre-Construction Management
Richner Elisha Computer Science
Rider Cody Computer Engineering
Riley Ryan Computer Science
Rios Eric Civil Engineering
Rios Gonzalez Alfonso Mechanical Engineering
Rivas-Velazquez Joan Mechanical Engineering
Rivera Daniel Civil Engineering
Rivero Jericho Pre-Computer Science
Rivers Stephanie Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Roberts Jacob Computer Science
Roberts Ryan Computer Science
Robertson Andrew Computer Engineering
Robinson Kyle Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Robles Gabriel Civil Engineering
Robnett Ryan Mechanical Engineering
Rodarte Victor Civil Engineering
Rodgers Kevin Computer Science
Rodriguez Destiny Mechanical Engineering
Rodriguez Francisco Civil Engineering
Rodriguez Yunuen Mechanical Engineering
Rogers Scott Construction Management
Roloff Matthew Civil Engineering
Romanchuk Yakov Mechanical Engineering
Romero Anachristina Civil Engineering
Romero Miguel Pre-Computer Science
Romo Hector Computer Science
Rosales Daniel Computer Science
Rosales Michael Pre-Construction Management
Ross Tara Computer Science
Rowe Stephen Mechanical Engineering
Roy Matthew Computer Science
Ruan Richard Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Ruderman Oksana Computer Science
Rudy Daniel Computer Science
Sadek Danya Mechanical Engineering
Saechao Calvin Computer Science
Saetern Ada Computer Science
Saetern Jovian Pre-Computer Science
Sagerdahl Ildebrando Pre-Computer Science
Saif Faizah Civil Engineering
Saini Navjit Pre-Computer Science
Saini Tejbhan Computer Engineering
SAINZ Monique Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Sakasegawa Derek Pre-Computer Science
Salah Hamed Civil Engineering
Salazar Nazaret Mechanical Engineering
Saldivar Leticia Civil Engineering
Saletta Kyle Pre-Construction Management
Salva John Lorenz Computer Science
Sameyee Jawid Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Samoylovich James Pre-Computer Science
Sanchez Joel Computer Science
Sanchez Manuel Computer Science
Sanchez Mary Civil Engineering
Sanghera Gurpreet Computer Science
Sanico Ciara Kate Mechanical Engineering
Santiago David Computer Engineering
Saroay Vikram Computer Engineering
Sarrafzadeh Nima Computer Science
Sarwar Farah Civil Engineering
Scalettar Daniel Computer Science
Schaefer Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Schendel Benjamin Civil Engineering
Schwartz Cody Civil Engineering
Scott Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Selfridge Dakota Mechanical Engineering
Seliatenko Oleg Computer Science
Selimotic Berin Pre-Computer Science
Selke James Civil Engineering
Selyuzhitskiy Yelena Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Semeryuk Timofey Mechanical Engineering
Sennett Matthew Pre-Computer Science
Serna Charles Mechanical Engineering
Serrano Alberto Mechanical Engineering
Serrato Arnulfo Construction Management
Shah Syed Muhammad Ramish Mechanical Engineering
Shami Jenna Computer Science
Shandilya Anshul Kumar Pre-Computer Science
Shankar Aman Ashis Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Shearer Brodie Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Shell Madison Civil Engineering
Shtevnina Mariya Computer Engineering
Shulman Zach Mechanical Engineering
Silvas Francisco Mechanical Engineering
Singh Jagpreet Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Singh Lakhwinder pal Computer Science
Singh Mehak Pre-Computer Science
Singh Parmvir Computer Engineering
Singh Tasneel Computer Engineering
Sippel Angelica Computer Science
Sithu Kyaw Civil Engineering
Skrinnik Andriy Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Skuse Tony Computer Science
Smallwood Alexandria Computer Science
Smart Jeremy Pre-Computer Science
Sou Jonathan Computer Science
Sperber Carson Civil Engineering
Spinardi Frank Civil Engineering
Spivek Jacob Pre-Computer Science
Sprock Aaron Civil Engineering
Stevenson Dominic Mechanical Engineering
Stich Andrew Computer Engineering
Su Jason Computer Engineering
Sung Ezekiel Pre-Computer Science
Surenthiran Raghuram Mechanical Engineering
Swain Joseph Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Swarnaraja Swabinash Pre-Computer Science
Swenson Christopher Computer Science
Swing Elizabeth Civil Engineering
Swinney Karl Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Sy Kim Mechanical Engineering
Syftestad Clint Mechanical Engineering
Szeremi Sheeva Computer Science
Taheri Farrah Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Takechi Mitchell Mechanical Engineering
Tamboaon Kelsey Mechanical Engineering
Tan Alexander Computer Engineering
Tan Hue Computer Science
Tan Zhenzhuo Mechanical Engineering
Tax Joseph Mechanical Engineering
Thakur Arnav Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Thao Ong Pre-Computer Science
Thao Shammah Computer Engineering
Thao Vang Computer Science
Thao Yutthachat Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Thibado Tristan Computer Science
Thietz James Mechanical Engineering
Thillois Marc Mechanical Engineering
Thompson Bryan Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Thor Ashley Pre-Computer Science
Thornton James Computer Science
Thornton Joseph Computer Science
Tibayan Michelle Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tinges Bryce Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Tirado Miguel Computer Engineering
Tokhi Emran Pre-Computer Science
Tomaso Alexander Computer Engineering
Torres Brooke Civil Engineering
Torres Selene Mechanical Engineering
Torres-Chavez Adolfo Mechanical Engineering
Tran Andrew Computer Science
Tran Jimmy Computer Engineering
Tran Kevin Pre-Computer Science
Tran Kurtis Computer Engineering
Tran Steven Mechanical Engineering
Treadway Christian Mechanical Engineering
Triantafillidis Anthony Mechanical Engineering
Trice Austin Civil Engineering
Trujillo Fernando Computer Engineering
Tu Christine Computer Science
Turner Demetrius Civil Engineering
Ubryanov Igor Pre-Construction Management
Udell Chance Mechanical Engineering
Valdivia Xiomara Computer Engineering
Valencia Manuel Civil Engineering
Van Hoa Mechanical Engineering
Van Camp Douglas Pre-Construction Management
Vang Fue Computer Engineering
Vang Nhia Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Vang Vongsri Civil Engineering
Vargas Edwin Mechanical Engineering
Vasilenko Bogdan Civil Engineering
Vazquez Micaela Computer Engineering
Velazquez Kevin Mechanical Engineering
Verbovshchuk Pavel Computer Science
Vergara Brandon Civil Engineering
Verma Rishi Pre-Computer Science
Veslenio Ethan Mechanical Engineering
Victoria Felipe Mechanical Engineering
Villalobos Eliseo Civil Engineering
Villanueva Anthony Mechanical Engineering
Villanueva Giovanne Computer Engineering
Villegas Sanchez Diana Civil Engineering
Viloria Melissa Pre-Computer Science
Viola Jesse Computer Science
Vivanco Edgar Mechanical Engineering
Vorobets Mark Pre-Computer Science
Votino Nicholas Mechanical Engineering
Vue Jason Pre-Computer Science
Vue Noah Mechanical Engineering
Wadell Sara Mechanical Engineering
Wakkinen Hayden Mechanical Engineering
Walia Kanwardeep Computer Engineering
Wallace Alexander Civil Engineering
Wallace Samuel Mechanical Engineering
Wallace William Civil Engineering
Walton Tyler Mechanical Engineering
Wang Mian Pre-Computer Science
Watje Brian Civil Engineering
Watson Bryce Pre-Computer Science
Watt Christian Mechanical Engineering
Waymire Bear Civil Engineering
Webb Wesley Computer Science
Westbrook Mark Civil Engineering
Whitworth Chadwick Mechanical Engineering
Wiemar Nicholas Civil Engineering
Williams Mikaela Computer Engineering
WIlliams Renonedo Mechanical Engineering
Williams Robert Mechanical Engineering
Wnuck Warren Pre-Computer Science
Wong Brent Civil Engineering
Wong Eric Pre-Computer Science
Wong Jason Pre-Computer Science
Worman Gregory Computer Science
Worthington John Mechanical Engineering
Wright Cameron Mechanical Engineering
Wright Richard Computer Science
Wu Michelle Pre-Computer Science
Wurz Jacob Pre-Computer Science
Xiong Bruce Mechanical Engineering
Xiong Pheng Civil Engineering
Yakimchuk Roman Civil Engineering
Yang Bailey Civil Engineering
Yang Brandon Civil Engineering
Yang Chue Mechanical Engineering
Yang Jay Computer Science
Yang Pelion Pre-Computer Science
Yang Zining Pre-Computer Science
Yaniz Alexandria Mechanical Engineering
Yaroshevich Enna Civil Engineering
Yee Branden Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Yekta Darya Civil Engineering
Yemane Absalom Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Yit William Mechanical Engineering
Youngblood Jeffrey Mechanical Engineering
Yousif Issa Civil Engineering
Yu Brandon Civil Engineering
Zafar Shazmeena Computer Science
Zaikin Aleksey Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Zakerski Ryan Mechanical Engineering
Zapanta John Pre-Computer Science
Zarrouk Stephani Computer Science
Zenarosa Kyle Computer Engineering
Zimmerman Matthew Civil Engineering
Zotalis Greg Construction Management
Zukowski Zachary Computer Science
Zuno Anthony Civil Engineering