Computer Science Student Resources

My Sac State A one-stop access point for all campus resources, including admissions, advising, registration, and grades. 

SacLink Accounts:  Get your University "must-have" computer account! Required to access My Sac State and other essential University services.

Academic Calendar:  Dates for registration, first day of school, final exams, and other "must-know" stuff.

Online Class Schedule:  It's not just for browsing -- check it before you attend class for the first time. There are sometimes unavoidable changes at the last minute. We'll try to contact you, but we can't always reach you in time.

Hornet Bookstore:  Find your textbooks online!

University Library:  Have a research project? The library isn't just a place to check out books. It can give you access to a wide array of electronic resources.

University Catalog:  Know your catalog rights! Guide for University academic policies & procedures.  See the latest in transfer agreements between California colleges.

ECS Computing Services:  How to get a network ("Gaia") account with the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

ECS Academic Success Center:  Looking for tutoring? You'll find it here, along with group study and lasting friendships.

ECS Career Services:  Sign up for weekly career updates, get announcements of career fairs, view employer job listings, and much more.