Computer Science Student Internships

You may be able to receive academic credit if you are currently working in the computer science field.  See Field Work Guidelines to find out -- but please note the following:

  • No credit can be given for work already completed.
  • You must register for the appropriate number of units for CSC 195 (undergraduate student level) or CSC 295 (graduate student level) by filling out an Student Internship Registration Form and submitting it to the department office before the census date (the end of the fourth week of the semester).  If you are an undergraduate student, you may receive up to 2 units of credit toward your degree.  (If you are a graduate student, you cannot apply 295 credit toward your degree, but registration for the units may help you to maintain your status if you are here on a student visa.)
  • You must submit a report explaining what you learned form the experience at the end of the semester.
  • Your work supervisor must submit an evaluation of your work.

If you are interested in obtaining a job through Cooperative Education, contact Brigitte Clark, the Associate Director of the Career Center. She is located in Lassen Hall 1013, Academic Advising and Career Center.