Computer Science Labs

A large heterogeneous network of servers combined with Linux, Windows, and Macintosh workstations supports our instructional programs. Windows workstation laboratories support both lower- and upper-division instruction. High-end laboratories provide access to Linux servers and workstations. Specialized laboratories support instruction in systems, communications and networking, and computer architecture. A graduate laboratory is designed to provide graduate students with access to a variety of advanced workstations. All students have access to the Internet and the World Wide Web.

RVR 1013

Programming Lab

RVR 5029

Graphics and Intelligent Systems Lab

RVR 2001

Systems/Architecture Lab

RVR 5029A

Senior Project Lab

RVR 2003

Graduate Lab

Software Engineering Lab

RVR 2003A

Computer Forensics Lab

RVR 2005

Networking Lab

RVR 2009

Information Assurance & Security Lab

RVR 2013

Programming Lab

RVR 3009

Architecture Lab

Most labs are not "open" labs; they are reserved for specific Computer Science classes. For information on these labs, contact your instructor or Dr. Weide Chang, Computer Science Lab Coordinator.

ECS Open Labs

ECS Open Labs are available for all ECS students (RVR 2011, SCL 1208, & SCL 1234). RVR 2011 and SCL 1234 have limited hours of availability, please check Open Lab Hours.

For more information about ECS Open Labs please contact the ECS Lab Manager, Patrick Brannan at


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