Computer Science Repeat Policy

Department policy follows the University policy effective Fall 2010:

  • At the beginning of each semester, each of your instructors will check to see how many times you have taken that particular course.
  • In the case of multiple repeats (including other institutions), University policy dictates that the third time you take the course, all attempts (and all subsequent attempts) will be averaged together in your GPA calculation.
  • Students may not repeat courses where an “I” grade has been previously assigned unless the “I” grade has lapsed or a grade of  “C-” or lower has been assigned
  • Students may not repeat courses where a grade of “C” or higher was previously received unless the course may be taken more than once for credit 
  • Students will be prevented from enrolling in a course where the grade previously earned is a “C” or better (or Credit). 
  • Students may repeat a maximum of 16 units for grade forgiveness 
  • For more information: