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Civil Engineering encompasses a broad range of professional activities. The four years of undergraduate preparation for the Bachelor of Science degree are devoted to fundamental analytical principles and basic design applications. For technical competence in specialized areas and continued effectiveness on the job, graduate study is becoming increasingly necessary. The Department offers a graduate program of study leading to a Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering in the following areas of concentration:

  • Environmental Engineering/Water Quality Engineering - water quality analysis and management, water, and waste treatment (Advisors: Dr. Ed Dammel, Dr. John Johnston, Dr. Ramzi Mahmood, Dr. Amir Motlagh);
  • Geotechnical Engineering- properties and behavior of soil and their application to design of foundation, retaining structures, earth dams and slopes, soil improvement and ground stabilization, geosynthetics inclusions, and soil dynamics, and earthquake engineering (Advisor: Dr. Richard ArmstrongDr. Cyrus Aryani);
  • Structural Engineering- earthquake resistant steel and concrete design applied to buildings and bridges, structural dynamics, structural mechanics, and finite element methods (Advisors: Dr. Benjamin Fell, Dr. Julie FogartyDr. Eric Matsumoto);
  • Transportation Engineering - Transportation engineering and planning, and system management applicable to all modes with emphasis on both roadway and multimodal transportation (Advisors:Dr. Ghazan Khan and Dr. Kevan Shafizadeh); and
  • Water Resources Engineering - advanced hydraulics and modern hydrologic techniques, flood forecasting, groundwater flow modeling, water resources management, and policy formulation (Advisor: Dr. Saad Merayyan, Dr. Cristina Poindexter).

Each area of concentration consists of a set of core courses, a choice of electives, and culminating requirements; all selected by the student and approved by their graduate advisor.

Below is a list of useful resources from both the Department and the Office of Graduate Studies.