What is Cooperative Education?

Traditionally, cooperative education is the practice of alternating a student’s studies with paid professional work related
to their major. Co‐op was invented at the University of Cincinnati in 1906.  

How do I Qualify to do a Co‐op?

Co‐op is open to juniors, seniors and graduate students who meet the minimum GPA requirement as set
by their major department. Co‐op is an internship with duties that directly relate to the student’s major.

Co-op Registration Process

for Engineering and Computer Science Students

If you work full-time you can earn up to (12) undergraduate units and (9) graduate units. International students must sign up for (12) units if undergraduate and (9) units if graduate.

Your co-op coordinator will work with your academic department to enroll students in the proper course, section and units.

Follow these instructions after receiving your job offer:

Submit All Required Documents to the Co-op Coordinator
Email the following materials and information to the co-op coordinator:

  • A copy of your offer letter. This letter is written by the employer and must include the company name and address, your position title, salary, co-op 195A start and completion date, number of hours you will be working per week, a short position description, the address where you will be working, and the employer’s signature.
  • Your most recent transcript (official or unofficial accepted)
  • Your resume
  • A copy of your signed Declaration of Policies for Off-Campus Learning Experiences
  • A copy of your signed Statement of Understanding
  • In your email to the Co-op Coordinator, please make sure to note your class registration date (date and time), the number of course units you wish to obtain and the number of units you are currently enrolled in at the present time (not including expected co-op units).

Once you have completed the instructions, please email career@ecs.csus.edu with the attachments and required information.

Upon completion of your co-op experience, submit the evaluation to obtain your 195A grade:

Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ Computer Engineering Students: Please follow these instructions.

Computer Science Students: Please follow the instructions given by your 195A instructor.

Co-op Coordinator Contact Information:

ECS Career Services