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The Academic Council is the primary body that represents and acts on behalf of the college faculty in formulating and implementing the academic mission of the college.

A major responsibility of the Academic Council is to serve as the college-level review body for curricula (courses and programs) proposed by departments. The Academic Council’s approval shall constitute a positive recommendation to the Faculty Senate. Upon request from the Dean or the faculty, or through its own initiative, the Academic Council may also propose policy, conduct investigations, and otherwise advise the Dean and the faculty on academic issues. At the end of the academic year, the Academic Council shall formally solicit feedback from the faculty with regards to the college such as operations and academic issues, and shall disseminate the results.

The members of the Academic Council for AY 2018-2019 are:

Name Term Expires
Troy Topping (ME), Chair Spring 2020
Gareth Figgess (CM), Associate Chair Spring 2019
Richie Armstrong (CE) Spring 2019
Julie Fogarty (CE) Spring 2020
Jun Dai (CSC) Spring 2019
Yuan Cheng (CSC) Spring 2020
Atousa Yazdani (EEE) Spring 2019
Tracy Toups (EEE) Spring 2020
Farzan Kazemifar (ME) Spring 2019
Kevan Shafizadeh (ECS, Ex-officio) Dean's Appointee

Please note that all proposals must be submitted electronically at least 1 week before a Council meeting in order to receive full consideration at that meeting.  Please plan accordingly.  All submissions should be made through Curriculum Workflow at the Course and Program Proposals link provided below. 

Supporting documents, such as syllabi, can be attached to the online form.  Proposing Faculty and Department representatives are encouraged to attend meetings to support their proposals.

Forms & Useful Links

Course & Program Change Proposals (Forms A and B)
Blooms Taxonomy Action Verbs

Academic Council Documents

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