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Team 1 192A poster - team member names and title

In the Green Solar Solutions

Team: Omana, Santacroce, Boswell, Nguyen, Tinges

Class: 192B

This project utilizes the natural humidity of a greenhouse to supplement the efficiency of the existing home AC. Additionally, the entire system is powered via solar energy to keep the system net-zero.

Team 2 192A poster - team member names and title

Renewable Microgrids - A Cleaner Way of Living

Team: Martinez-Garcia, Davalos, Kalifh, Diaz, Casas

Class: 192B

A synopsis of our ongoing investigation involving Microgrids with photovoltaic panels.

Team 3 192A poster - team member names and title

Microgrid for Communities

Team: Bank, Foster, Khan, Singh, Petukh

Class: 192B

Independent microgrid implementation with PV array and backup generator.

Team A 192B poster - team member names and title

Minimizing the Duckbill Curve through Energy Storage

Team: Anwar, Bahlas, Deol, Johnson, Singh

Class: 192B

Energy Storage is an effective method to shift the renewable supply curve and minimize the duckbill curve in California.

In this project, we analyzed the efficiency, reliability, and economics of various energy storage methods to provide a clear comparison so that stakeholders can select the best option for their situation.

Team B 192A poster - team member names and title

Microgrids...What's the Deal?

Team: Jackson, Underwood, Donahue, Castro, Dushenko

Class: 192B

We are designing a microgrid controller that can test the feasibility of a microgrid in a real world system.