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CM 129 teams create a construction management business, and must consider technical, legal, business, and human factors (including safety) in applying the functional approach to the management of their business' organization, projects, and operations. Team members also learn and manage personal and professional development, ethics, stress, physical and mental health. CM 129 also instructs students in navigating the social and physical environments of the construction industry professional.

Capital Construction LLC - team member names and title

Capital Construction LLC

Capital Construction LLC Executive Summary

  • CEO: Rene Barron
  • CFO: Armando Magallon
  • VP: Aldo Hernandez
  • COO: Alex Calderon
FARE Builders - team member names and title

FARE Builders

FARE Builders Executive Summary

  • President: Evan Defazio
  • Vice President: Rachelle Hann
  • Chief Estimator: Freddy Aguilar
  • Project Manager: Andre Sanchez
Mission Construction - team member names and title

Mission Construction

Mission Construction Executive Summary

  • President: Noah Kabbaj
  • VP of Construction: Joshua Nehme
  • VP of Pre-Construction: Octaviano Fuerte
  • CFO: Andrew Lai
Vista Landscaping - team member names and title

Vista Landscaping

Vista Landscaping Executive Summary

  • President: Armando Rodriguez
  • Vice President: Zack Vorhis
  • Vice President: Ricardo Castillo
  • Chief Financial Officer: Kyle Saletta
BPRW Drywall, Inc. - team member names and title

BPRW Drywall, Inc

BPRW Drywall Inc. Executive Summary

  • CEO: Richard Riegel
  • COO: Karmjeet Bhachu
  • CFO: Cynthia Pierce
  • Precon VP: Ronald Walker
Valley Doors & Frames - team member names and title

Valley Doors & Frames

Valley Doors & Frames Executive Summary

  • CEO: Daniel Gerkus
  • COO: Raymond Lukse
  • CFO: Theodoro Moreno
Flash Electric - team member names and title

Flash Electric

Flash Electric Executive Summary

  • CEO: Sara Aguilera
  • COO: Nicole Chatman
  • CFO: Fabian Jimenez
  • President: Randell De Vera
Tru North Builders - team member names and title

Tru North Builders

Tru North Builders Executive Summary

  • CEO: Austin Moreno
  • CFO: Jose Ayala
  • Chief Estimator: Luis Zavala
  • COO: Ricardo Membrila
R&R Salvage - team member names and title

R&R Salvage

R&R Salvage Executive Summary

  • President: Kameron Carr
  • CFO: Jose Devora
  • Project Executive: Michaella Pietrobono
  • Director of Operations: Tyler Tapa
Platinum Concrete Inc. - team member names and title

Platinum Concrete Inc

Platinum Concrete Inc. Executive Summary

  • President: Paul Hermle
  • CEO: Priya Dutt
  • Operations Manager: Justin Johnson
  • Chief Estimator: Ricardo Gonzalez
  • General Superintendent: Nick Lattuada