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Team 2 poster

Rapid-Response Early-Warning Wildfire Alert

Team: Nguyen, Zenarosa, Roush, and Harthorn

Using microcontrollers with basic sensors, we have developed a mesh network that can monitor for traces of fire across a wide area. The network connects through relay stations to a base station, which provides an interface to human operators.

Rapid-Response Early-Warning Wildfire Alert Poster

Wildfire Alert Video
team 3 poster

Autonomous Litter Collector

Team: Sheff, Martinez, Andrade, and Warneke

Litter is an enormous problem at the global level. The Autonomous Litter Collector can reduce the need of cleanup crews and collect the litter before it reaches our precious waterways.

Github Project Repository

Autonomous Litter Collector Poster

Autonomous Litter Collector Video
team 4

V2V Communication

Team: Komac, Nguyen, Jensen

Establishing the groundwork for a network of autonomous and nonautonomous vehicles to communicate with one another and a mother server while on the highway.

V2V Communication Video
team 5 poster

Sustainable Agriculture through Automation by Open-Source Hardware and Software

Team: Mujeeb, Slyusarchuk, Mylvaganam and Pruett

An automated agricultural rover which will plant and monitor crops in a predefined area, thus simplifying farming, and leaving harvesting as the only task for the user.

Sustainable Agriculture Poster

Sustainable Agriculture Video
team 6 poster

Pillock Prescription Dispensing Device

Team: Gamboa, Williams, and Olivares

Prescription nonadherence is very common and occurs when a patient fails to take medications as prescribed. Our device dispenses pills one at a time until the prescription defined by the user on the website is filled.

Pillock Poster

Pillock Video
team 6 poster

Development of New Data Acquisition System for Paragon LLC.

Team: Ischuk, Vue, Cortez, and Lehman

Our aim was to create an enhanced Data Acquisition System (DAS) test stand for Paragon Products. The solution features greatly improved signal noise by adding filtering, as well as improving isolation, and adding a professionally manufactured PCB design.

DAS Poster

Data Acquisition System Video
team 8 poster

Development of Project Senior Aid Management (S.A.M.)

Team: Nguyen, Sumi, Goiz-Maya, and Argueta Marroquin

For seniors, a proper medical schedule is crucial for maintaining good health. S.A.M. will help seniors organize and follow a strict medication schedule to avoid accidental overdoses or missed doses.

SAM Poster

Senior Aid Management Video
team 9

Stratos Aerial

Team: H. Nguyen, Al-Rakabi, S. Nguyen, and Mai

With the rise of natural disasters due to climate change, our group has created a drone that can be used to assess potential damage without putting people at risk.

Stratus Aerial Video

team 9

Pedestrian Conveyance Safety Device

Team: Allen, Singamsetty, Davis, and Tirado

Our project aims to assist in the safety of pedestrian/ground based vehicles to minimize related injuries/fatalities. The pedestrian conveyance safety device outputs its current location to replicas of itself, within close proximity, to alert users of an imminent collision.

Pedestrian Conveyance Safety Device Poster

Pedestrian Conveyance Video