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Team 1 192A poster - team member names and title

In the Green Solar Solutions

Team: Omana, Santacroce, Boswell, Nguyen, Tinges

Class: 192A

This project utilizes the natural humidity of a greenhouse to supplement the efficiency of the existing home AC. Additionally, the entire system is powered via solar energy to keep the system net-zero.

In The Green Solar Solutions Video
Team 2 192A poster - team member names and title

Renewable Microgrids - A Cleaner Way of Living

Team: Martinez-Garcia, Davalos, Kalifh, Diaz, Casas

Class: 192A

A synopsis of our ongoing investigation involving Microgrids with photovoltaic panels.

Renewable Microgrids Video
Team 3 192A poster - team member names and title

Autonomous Microgrids

Team:   Bank, Foster, Khan, Singh, Petukh

Class: 192A

Independent microgrid implementation with PV array and backup generator.

Autonomous Microgrids Video
Team A 192A poster - team member names and title

Ultrasonic Fault Detection for the New Age

Team: Johnson, Anwar, Bahlas, Singh, Deol

Class: 192A

Discussing current protection schemes against overhead line faults causing wildfires in California as well as a new design that may help us pinpoint the location of a fault in a distribution system more accurately and faster than what current technology has to offer.

Ultrasonic Fault Detection Video
Team B 192A poster - team member names and title

Microgrids...What's the Deal?

Team: Jackson, Underwood, Donahue, Castro, Dushenko

Class: 192A

We are designing a microgrid controller that can test the feasibility of a microgrid in a real world system.

Microgrids Video
screencapture of first slide from team 1 192B powerpoint video

Electricity Market for Active Distribution Systems and Home Microgrid

Group 1: Morrar, Macam, Gela, Flores

Class: 192B

Getting the public involved using a microgrid as a seller to implement a more efficient way of using reasonable energy to be used in the energy market.

Watch Electricity Market Video
screencapture of first slide from team 2 192B powerpoint video

Pumped Hydropower Storage System (PHSS)

Group 2: Cervantes, Guo, Kutsar, Lemm, Salazar, Wojcik, Vega-Mendoza

Class: 192B

Energy storage is essential for accelerating global efforts to meet the ambitious climate mitigation and sustainable development goals. Renewables meeting the majority of electricity supply would allow for grid flexibility.

Watch PHSS Video
screencapture of first slide from team 3 192B powerpoint video

Coordinated Charging Methods for Electric Vehicles

Group 3: Cortez, Ho, John Gidcumb, Le, Hernandez

Class: 192B

Electrical Vehicle (EV) has a benefit of energy saving, environment, protection, and less reliance on petroleum. However, in this transition it is crucial to understand the charging behavior of electric vehicles (EVs). Smart charging/discharging strategies of EVs can decrease daily cost of EV owner assist in peak load saving in power grid, and improve reliability of power system.

Watch Coordinated Charging Methods Video
screencapture of first slide from team 4 192B powerpoint video

Power Line Fault Prevention and Detection

Group 4: Baul, Castro, Green, Jacquez, Mora-Soto

Class: 192B

We need a solution that can prevent a high impedance fault from occurring, as well as a reliable detection method if a HIF occurs.

Watch Fault Prevention and Detection Video
screencapture of first slide from team 5 192B powerpoint video

Instability Caused by Inverters Connected to the Power Grid: The Simulation and Observations

Group 5: Almond, DeBortoli, Koshavenko, Arcinas

Class: 192B

Weak grids are types of grids that are weak in strength, or their efficiency to maintain a constant voltage regardless of the load. With Weak grids, they are extremely sensitive to distorted voltages and frequencies.

Watch Unstable Invertered Power Grid Video
screencapture of first slide from team 6 192B powerpoint video

Pumped Storage Hydropower Simulation

Group 6: Tinker, Quezada, Kaiser, Silvia

Class: 192B

With increasing pressure from consumers and government, the effects of global warming, and depletion of our natural resources we must look into renewable and green technologies for power production. That's why our team chose to explore the topic of PSH (pumped storage hydropower) as a way to implement unstable renewable energy systems (RES) onto the grid.

Watch Pumped Storage Hydropower Video