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Showcase Information

The CSC191 Senior Project Showcase is scheduled at 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Friday, Dec 11, 2020. All 18 teams will be hosting their individual showcase via Zoom.

Please vote for the best project by taking this survey. Thank you very much!



Team: Algorithm Alpha

Our application will help you get UNSTUCK from your phone!

ASI Food Pantry Database

Team: App-Vengers

A donor management system for our local ASI Food Pantry to ease the management of donor information.

ASI Food Pantry DB Project Website

Screen Limit

Team: Binary Zombies

A phone app designed to curb a user’s addiction to their phone through multiple methods.

Screen Limit Project Website

In-n-Out Painting

Team: CodePlay

Manages estimates, invoices, and client information for local business, In-N-Out Painting.

In-N-Out Painting Project Website

Simply Music Teacher App

Team: D7

Our Simply Music Teacher App helps to simplify the use of Play It Forward teaching method for piano instructors by managing the scheduling of practices for students while still allowing instructors to customize their student’s assignments.

Simply Music Teacher App Project Website

My Life on Bellflower Hill

Team: GeForce

Develop a playable build of a 2D pixel farming game called “My Life on Bellflower Hill” where our client continues development after the senior project to create a market-ready game

My Life on Bellflower Hill Project Website


Team: Team Greenblast

A web-based appointment and content management system that provides a local hair salon with a self-managed customer facing website along with a digital appointment booking system.

appPoint Project Website


Team: Haven

Computer Robot Automated Web Lurker is a web application that makes searching topics on Reddit easier with the ability to subscribe for future posts regarding a certain topic that, you, the user is interested in.

C.R.A.W.L Project Website

Intangible Manager

Team: The Intangibles

Intangible Manager is a simplistic project manager for small development teams or individuals.

Intangible Manager Project Website

Enhanced Polynomial Graphing Utility

Team: Matrix

A calculator for interpolation, approximation, polynomial graphing, and function table.

Project Website



Working with Sac State’s Planetarium, our project’s goal is to make it easier for those who make new planetarium shows by allowing the creation of shows without ever having to touch the scripting language the planetarium software uses.

DigiScriptor Project Website

Ron’s Driving School

Team: Redline Coders

A comprehensive training program dedicated to teaching you the skills that you need in order to drive to your destination.

Ron’s Driving School Project Website

Medbase Inventory System

Team: Segfault

A medical inventory system for tracking equipment efficiently.

Project Website

Loan App

Team: Sultans of Scrum

A Loan tracking application for hard money lenders

Loan App Project Website

Financial Advising Charts Libraries

Team: Team Scrumbags

A back-end API for getting stock trading data and a front end library that developers could use in their applications to display a chart of stock data.

Financial Advising Charts Libraries Website

Sleepdeprived Store

Team: Team 7

Demonstrating our ecommerce solution for a Bay Area streetwear startup brand.

Sleepdeprived Store Project Website

Hornet Vision

Team: Visio Novus

A cross-platform mobile application to inform users of available Sac State events and direct them to event locations with Augmented Reality.

Hornet Vision Project Website


Team: Insensitive Information

A web application for McLaughlin Studios that allows customers to conveniently sign up for classes with their studio.

Tremolo Project Website