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Showcase Information

The CSC191 Senior Project Showcase is scheduled at 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Friday, May 14, 2021. All 21 teams will be hosting their individual showcase via Zoom.


Learning Academy

Team: Del Sys 32

Learning Academy is the beginning of a Learning Management System for students to bridge the gap between different professors.

Notarize Me

Team: Moosegold

This project is designed to help our client grow her notary business by providing the business with a website that handles scheduling appointments, assigning work, receiving payments, uploading documents, approving notaries, and communication with team-members


Team: NULL

Mockingbird is an IoT device simulator capable of simulating thousands of network-enabled devices that allows our client to load test their hardware

LEVEL Mobile Application

Team: Team Impala

The LEVEL Mobile App tracks and sends scorekeeping information as they happen in real-time to a web platform in order to create baseball highlights and clips.

Project Chronos

Team: The Null Pointers

A web app to help Global Leadership Alliance (GLA) schedule and keep track of various projects/sessions among clients while increasing efficiency of the process.

Delta Hand Pies Internal Web App

Team: 200 OK

An admin project to help in managing a food delivery service by taking orders, grouping for deliveries, tracking services and boosting production for both operators and drivers.

Coalition of California Welfare Rights

Team: Agility

An overhauled web application with easier navigation and competence for the Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organization and users.

Building Supervisor Assist

Team: bitArchitecture

A modernized solution to supervision and management of the University Union for tracking building-status data entry, reduce data clutter, reduce physical space clutter, reduce time spent managing data, and improve data recall.


Team: Scrum Doggs

A mobile application in which you’re able to view charts, news, and other information on all stocks.

Sierra Nevada Conservancy Grants Management System

Team: Skynet

Our project is to create a grant management system for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy so the staff members could manage their grants online.

Shadow Hornet

Team: Nexum Co

Real estate doesn’t get more simple than Shadow Hornet.


Team: Parsers4hire

A property management solution that helps owners and managers with communication, documentation, and management of costs and profits.


Team: Pasta Chefs

TrafficSim is a Virtual Reality driving simulator that will help our client research driver behavior without the need for expensive proprietary equipment or software.


Team: Team PogChamp

SeatDeetz is a comprehensive seating chart application where teachers can create customizable seating charts and hold student information in one place.


Team: XOR

Automated approach for day trading which provides stocks data of selected stocks, performs analysis of that data based on three patterns developed by Prof. Jawaharlal, and gives advice on timing when stocks should be traded.

Mobile Learning App

Team: Alt-F4

A mobile learning application which is designed for Subject Matter Experts to educate students through various readings, videos, and assessments.

A Tool to Improve Therapy Treatment of Amputees

Team: Brute Force

An application for providing medical professionals with previously hidden data to personalize the rehabilitation process of amputees.


Team: BuzzDev

ALVIS aims to enhance the undergraduate curriculum by using user-controlled animated visualizers.

California Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Team: Creative Application Team

There are several warning signs of a person being ready to commit workplace violence.

DGS Time Tracking System


This timesheet web application will move the Office of Public Construction, which is under the Department of General Services from their old outdated way of entering time spent on certain aspects of their projects into excel spreadsheets to a more user friendly interface that will improve the ease of use and speed up the time entering process.

Servatione Semita

Team: Team Titans

This project is a web-based inventory management system that allows a user to upload and validate a third party’s manifest in order to manage The Opened Box’s current inventory.