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Accessing Home Space on Gaia

Though ECS resources are changing, students with existing ECS accounts will still be able to access their Home Space on Gaia even when logging into a new ECS lab system on the CSUS domain using their CSUS credentials. We recommend taking advantage of the new U-Drive and OneDrive spaces by copying important files out of your Home Space on Gaia space to those spaces as needed.

How to Connect to Gaia from a new ECS Lab System

  1. Connect to the CSUS VPN via the GlobalProtect client
  2. Open Windows File Explorer (not Internet Explorer).
  3. In the address/path bar, type \\
  4. When prompted, enter your ECS credentials. Your username should be prefixed with "ecs\". For example: ecs\username
  5. Once connected, you should see the folders for your home space and web space.

screenshot of entering the path into the address bar and receiving the authentication prompt

Gaia authentication prompt

screenshot of folders visible in Windows File Explorer after successful authentication
Successful authentication

Updated 8/24/20