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New Moodle Server

Due to the changes to ECS resources happening in the fall 2020 semester, the existing ECS moodle server will be replaced by a new moodle server. This new server will use CSUS credentials, instead of ECS credentials.

As this is a new Moodle server, ECS students with existing ECS accounts will not see their previous semesters' courses when they log in. Besides that, it's mostly the same.

Anyone with an existing ECS account will still have access to the old Moodle server; past data is still accessible and ECS logins will still work, but professors will be migrating their classes to the new server. The new Moodle server also requires users to be on the CSUS VPN. The new and old moodle servers are:

For easier memorization, there is also a server alias set up for the new Moodle server: Both URLs take you to the same server (you may notice the URL changes if you use the alias).

Updated 8/24/20