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ECS Resources Are Changing

As directed by CSUS leadership, under the CSU System’s Common Network Infrastructure plan, CSUS has directed the College of Engineering and Computer Science to integrate and align our network infrastructure, authentication systems, storage solutions, and deployment and management systems more closely with the Division of Information Resources & Technology.

This is a large undertaking and there is a lot to do, as the College of ECS has had an independent network and independent computing systems since ECS Computing Services was founded in 1986. We hope that this alignment will ultimately benefit all ECS students, faculty, and staff and we can take advantage of expanded resources.

This obviously raises questions such as:

This will be a big change for our many existing ECS students. As we finalize everything before the new semester we’d like to get out as much information about the new changes and how to access new systems as soon as possible. We’ll be posting information about each of these questions, and many others, in the upcoming days and throughout the semester.

Overview of What’s Changing

These changes will NOT mean an immediate loss of access to current ECS resources. Existing ECS files, storage spaces, and servers will not disappear. Our team will be making changes slowly and will assist everyone with the migration process. Any old resources will still exist until everyone has successfully migrated any old data or access into the new system.