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ECS Linux Class Accounts

Despite the upcoming changes to ECS resources, we will still be using existing ECS Linux servers on the ECS domain for the fall semester. This means ECS Accounts will still be needed for some students.

Professors that are teaching a class which require use of ECS Linux servers can apply for class accounts if they have any students that do not already have ECS accounts from the spring 2020 semester.

Alternatively, you can email ECS Computing Services ( with your name, course number, section, and number of accounts needed.

What is a Class Account?

An ECS class account is a temporary, generic ECS account that is used for a single semester. Though they function the same way as a personal student, faculty, or staff ECS account there are some key differences.

  • A class account is not tied to any personally identifying information. For example, your username is not based on your real name. They are generic and are re-created and wiped between semesters.
  • They last for a single semester.
  • Professors recieve the pre-made class account lists from ECS Computing Services and distribute them to their students.
  • Data is cleared out of the account every semester. The accounts are purged, re-created, and re-used. Don't leave important files in your class account's home directory after the semester is over (there's a grace period).
  • Because there is no way for anyone except a professor to match a student with a class account, you will need your professor's assistance to reset a forgotten password. Use a password manager to avoid the inconvenience.
  • There is no email account associated with a class account.
  • A class account username looks like this: cs20411 Which signifies: Major = cs (Computer Science), class = 204, account number = 11. A personal account looks like this: smithj.
  • Professors should keep track of which student has which account for password-reset purposes.

Password Changes

For password changing purposes ECS Computing Services will need to know which student is assigned which class account.

Professors: Unlike personal accounts, your students may need assistance resetting passwords. Apart from the professor, there is no way for anyone else to know which student was assigned which account. Professors can assign them in any method they choose (alphabetical, Student ID, first-come-first-serve). Please keep a list somewhere for the inevitable forgotten password scenario. If necessary, when requested, please send the information to ECS Computing Services ( in a format such as the one below.

Example: cs20411 – Jane Doe, CSUS ID 1111223333

Class Accounts and Personal Data

Please keep in mind that class accounts are temporary and only last for the duration of the course (one semester). Any student data left in the profile of a class account will mostly likely be removed before the beginning of the next semester. Class accounts are wiped, and-recreated each semester, as needed. Student data in a class account that needs to be saved should be migrated to U-Drive, OneDrive, or personally-owned storage spaces.

Article Updated 9/3/20