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Key Fob Request

ECS Key fobs - What are they and how do I get one?

We strongly suggest that you get a key fob to grant you access to the ECS resources you need, as well as to keep you and your fellow students safe.

Keyfobs give ECS students access to Riverside Hall and Santa Clara Hall after hours, as well as specific labs related to your major. While some labs are unlocked during business hours, other labs are ONLY accessible via key fob. Furthermore, some labs are specific to certain majors and without a key fob you will always be reliant on other students with keyfobs to let you in.

Keyfobs also keep all our students safer, as they remove the need to keep doors unlocked or propped open late at night. With key fob secured labs, it is significantly less likely that the general public will be able to enter our labs or buildings, especially after hours.

It generally takes about 20 minutes to get a key fob and you will only need to fill out the form once once during the entire course of your studies here at the College of ECS.


Frequently Asked Questions and Useful Tips

Where is Facilities Management?
Facilities Management is located at the front of CSUS (along the J st side of campus). Directions from Riverside/Santa Clara to Facilities Management are here: Directions to Facilities Management

The online form is blank, what do I enter?
Please DOWNLOAD the form, open it with Adobe Reader or any other non browser-based reader, and click "Enable All Features". If you open any fillable PDF form in Firefox or Chrome the form will appear blank, and does not allow the filling of fields. This is a security enhancement of both of these browsers (Internet Explorer still allows online fillable PDF forms). If you download the form and open it in Adobe Reader (or its equivalents) all form fields are pre-filled except for your name, student ID, Graduation Date (estimate), and the checkbox signifying that you agree to the standard university policy and procedures. Simply fill out those fields and follow the instructions above.

I have a problem with my key fob, do I need to walk all the way over to Facilities Management again to get it fixed?
No. Once you have a key fob, almost any problem can be fixed by contacting:

John Jones
ECS Computing Services
RVR 2030
Office Hours: M-F 9AM - 6PM

He is the point-of-contact for all ECS key fob related issues and can fix almost any problem with a phone call or email to Facilities Management. PLEASE visit him before you make the long trek over to Facilities Management with any problem.