ECS IT Contact Information

ECS Computing, Communications and Academic Technology Services

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Riverside Hall 2011, MS 6023
California State University Sacramento
6000 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95819-2605
(916) 278-6690

Lynne Koropp Lynne Koropp Director
OS Analyst (VM Infrastructure, AD, DB, Network, Mobile)
(916) 278-3547

Patrick Brannan

Patrick Brannan Lab/Classroom Services Manager

Information Technology Consultant (Lab/Class User Services, Lab/Class Software, Lab/Class Design)

(916) 278-7279
Derek Cuffe Mike Wimple System Support Manager
OS Analyst (Linux, Network, VM Infrastructure, Fac/Staff Infrastructure, LMS)
(916) 278-2856
Ray Fraizer Ray Fraizer Server Administrator
OS Analyst (MS Windows, Network, AD, CPE/EEE Lab Manager)
(916) 278-5413
John Jones John Jones Web Developer
Analyst/Programmer (Web Development, App Development, Multimedia, LMS)
(916) 278-1519
Michael Keenan Michael Keenan Special Projects Manager
OS Analyst (Security, Web, DB, Network, Linux)
(916) 278-6186
Help Desk Help Desk
Student Interns (General IT consulting and support)
(916) 278-6690