EEE M.S. Degree Program California State University, Sacramento

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Transfer of Coursework

If a student desires to receive graduate credit for graduate courses taken at other universities, the student must fill out a Petition for Exception form and attach a course description for each course. The Graduate Coordinator will review the student's petition and, if the graduate work is acceptable to the E&EE Department, the form will be signed and forwarded to Graduate Studies for processing and recording. Up to six units of semester-based, graduate course work may be transferred. Courses with grades below a "B" are not accepted for graduate credit. No undergraduate course work from any other department or from any other university will be accepted towards the E&EE M.S. degree. However, up to six units of certain E&EE upper-division, undergraduate elective courses taken at CSUS may be used for E&EE graduate credit with the approval of the Graduate Coordinator. E&EE undergraduate courses taken must be in the same area of the graduate student's specialty interest. Another option available to the student is EEE 299, Special Problems, which allows the graduate student to study a topic that is not offered or to study an area in more depth. The graduate student may take one to three units of independent study for credit or no-credit.