RVR 3017

Instructional Electronics Laboratory

Instructional Electronics Lab, RVR 3017 Your ability to learn faster than your competition is your only sustainable competitive advantage.
- Arie De Gues

  • Instructional Electronics Laboratory
  • Equipment: 10 workstations (computer, printer, oscilloscope, function generator, power supply and DMM). Multimedia ready and equipped with separate instructor station.
  • Courses: EEE117L, EEE108L, EEE109L
  • Access Level: Instruction
  • Other Uses: PSPICE capabilities

RVR 3017 laboratory is a primary EEE teaching laboratory equipped with state of the art electronic test devices, and computers.  The thirteen work stations are furnished with power supplies, function generators, multimeters, oscilloscopes and test probes used by many of the upper division laboratory courses.

Official laboratory coordinator: Tom Matthews