Teaching Assistants

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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Teaching Associates (TA):  To be considered for a Teaching Associate position, students must meet the following eligilability requirements:

Be registered in a graduate degree program at Sacramento State

Minimum GPA - 3.0 GPA or better (Newly admitted: 2.75)

Enrolled in a minimum of 4 units and no more than 12 units per semester (exception: Continuous Enrollment)

International students must be eligible to work on campus

Clear Credential students, Open University & Sacramento State employees are not eligible to work as TAs

Work assignments must be closely associated to the program of study or in the academic department in which they are enrolled

Teaching Associate Salary:  Teaching Associates are paid according to the number of assigned units. Salary levels are determined by the EEE Department Chair at the time of hiring.

TA Application Process:  Students are selected by the Instructor and must meet the qualifications of the TA Position. You will then be instructed to complete the TA Application. The completed application must be accompanied by a resume. Only TYPED forms will be accepted.  Once the form is complete, please email it to the EEE Department Office at eee@ecs.csus.edu for further processing and instructions.