Student Positions

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Riverside Building Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.
- Douglas Adams

Instructional Student Assistant (ISA): EEE majors are occasionally hired to assist instructors with grading homework, quizzes and tests. To qualify a student must have completed the course(s) at CSUS with at least a "B" grade, be recommended by the instructor and meet the requirements for the ISA Position, listed below.

 Students must be enrolled in a minimum / maximum number of units during the Fall & Spring semesters.  Current Sacramento State employees or students enrolled through Open University are not eligible to work as ISAs.

Graduate Students: Minimum of 4 units / maximum of 12 units per semester (exception: Continuous Enrollment)  GPA Minimum: 3.0 (newly admitted: 2.50)

Undergraduate Students: Minimum of 6 units / maximum of 15 units per semester (fall & spring only)  GPA Minimum: 2.5 (newly admitted: 2.25)

International students must be eligible to work on campus.

Student Clerical Assistant (FWS): Federal Work Study (FWS) clerical positions are occasionally available in the department office. Previous experience in a business environment is desirable, but not required. Excellent English written and oral communication skills are required. Normally, students continue in these clerical positions through graduation, so new hires are not made every semester. Check with the department office regarding current status of FWS positions.

Student Lab Assistant: Occasionally, EEE majors are hired to assist instructors with laboratory instruction. To qualify a student must have completed the course(s) at CSUS with at least a "B" grade, be recommended by the instructor. The other qualifications are the same as the those listed above for the ISA Position.

ISA Application Procedure:  Students are chosen by the Instructor and must meet the qualifications of the ISA Position.  You will then be instructed to complete the ISA Application.  Only TYPED forms will be accepted.  Once the form is complete, please email it to the EEE Department Office at for further processing and instructions.