EEE Department - Alphabetical Listing


Name Area E-Mail Room Phone Website
Fethi Belkhouche Controls and Robotics E-Mail RVR 5028 278-7346 Web
Dennis Dahlquist Electrical and Electronic Engineering E-Mail RVR 3030 278-6185 Web
Steven de Haas Circuits, Controls and Ethics E-Mail RVR 3032 278-7308 Web
Perry Heedley Analog and Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits E-Mail RVR 3034 278-7936 Web
Preetham B. Kumar Microwaves, Wireless Communication Systems (Graduate Coordinator) E-Mail RVR 5006(General Advising) RVR 3018B (Graduate Advising) 278-7949 Web
Milica Markovic Microwaves E-Mail RVR 5026 278-7327 Web
Thomas W. Matthews Solid State Circuits (EEE Department Chair) E-Mail RVR 3018D 278-5948 Web
Jing Pang VLSI Design E-Mail RVR 3008 278-4549 Web
Warren D. Smith Communications, Bioengineering E-Mail RVR 5058 278-6458 Web
Russ Tatro Electro-optics, Sensors, Instrumentation E-Mail RVR 5030 278-4878 Web
Tracy Toups Power Systems E-Mail RVR 3010 278-6568 Web
Suresh Vadhva Computer Architecture, Software Engineering E-Mail RVR 2014 278-7944 Web
Mohammad Vaziri Power Systems E-Mail RVR 3038 278-7486 Web
Atousa Yazdani Power Systems E-Mail RVR 5013 278-4964 Web
Mahyar Zarghami Power Systems E-Mail RVR 3028 278-7113 Web


Name E-Mail Name E-Mail Name E-Mail
Sergio Aguilar Rudametkin E-Mail Scott Burnside E-Mail Kevin Geoghegan E-Mail
James Mearns E-Mail Chris Mensah-Bonsu E-Mail Kristopher Moyer E-Mail
Mehran Ostad Rahimi E-Mail Stuart Ponder E-Mail James Quilici E-Mail
Donald Rucker E-Mail Mike Saghaimaroof E-Mail Balaguru Sevaiyan E-Mail
Salah Yousif E-Mail


Name Area E-Mail Room Phone Website
Salah Yousif Instructor E-Mail RVR 5014 278-6691 Web


Name Area E-Mail Room Phone Website
Andrew Haff Administrative Support Coordinator (EEE) E-Mail RVR 3018C 278-6873 None
Vacant Administrative Assistant (EEE/CpE/CSC) E-Mail RVR 3018 278-4351 None
EEE Student Assistants EEE Department Office E-Mail RVR 3018 278-4342 None