Graduate Student Classification Status

Full Classification: Students who have completed all of the admission requirements of the M.S. program.

Conditional Classification: Students who have satisfied all but one or two courses in the admission requirements of the M.S. program. Students may take graduate level core courses (i.e., CSC 201204205206) while completing admission requirements. However, deficiencies in admission requirements must be completed as soon as possible.

Pre-Computer Science (M.S.): Students who have three or more admission requirements in the M.S. program to complete and have demonstrated through undergraduate or post-baccalaureate coursework a strong potential to be a successful graduate student in Computer Science. Students under this status are not considered to be classified graduate students and, therefore, cannot take graduate level courses (i.e., CSC 200 or above). If, after one or more semesters, students have two or fewer admission requirements to complete, they must apply for a change in classification from Pre-Computer Science to either Conditional or Full Classification in the graduate program.

Unclassified, Conditionally Classified, and Pre-Computer Science graduate students should use a schedule similar to that below in order to satisfy entrance requirements. The order in which these courses appear reflects an appropriate prerequisite chain; however, because every student is different, final determination of a schedule should be made after consultation with the Computer Science Graduate Coordinator.

Whenever possible, CSC course numbers below link to full course outlines in PDF format. (Although they are the most recent formal descriptions available, they may not reflect the current textbooks being used or the faculty member currently teaching the course. Students should check with the department office if they have questions about textbooks or instructors.)

Courses without full outlines are linked to catalog descriptions.

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

CSC 15

CSC 20
CSC 35
CSC 28

MATH 101
CSC 60
CSC 130
CSC 131

CSC 132
CSC 137
CSC 138
CSC 139

Advanced to Candidacy: Fully classified graduate students who have completed at least 12 units of graduate level (CSC 200 or above) Computer Science courses with a minimum 3.0 grade point average may submit a proposed program of graduate study. Students must have been advanced to candidacy and achieved a passing grade on the Writing Proficiency Examination before they can register for a Master's thesis or project, CSC 500 or CSC 502.