Minor in Computer Science

To be admitted to the Minor in Computer Science, you must have completed Math 29 with a grade of C- or better, or passed the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Requirement at a level qualifying for Math 30.

Total Units: 21

Whenever possible, CSC course numbers below link to full course outlines in PDF format. (Although they are the most recent formal descriptions available, they may not reflect the current textbooks being used or the faculty member currently teaching the course. Students should check with the department office if they have questions about textbooks or instructors.)

Courses without full outlines are linked to catalog descriptions.

Required Courses (12 units):


Course #

Course Title and Prerequisite


CSC 15

Programming Concepts and Methodology I (CSC 10 or programming experience)


CSC 20

Programming Concepts and Methodology II (CSC 15)


CSC 28

Discrete Structures for Computer Science (Math 29 and CSC 20; CSC 20 may be taken concurrently


CSC 130

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis (CSC 20CSC 28; CSC 28 may be taken concurrently.)

Electives (9 units):

Select nine additional units with faculty approval; at least six units must be upper-division courses, and only Computer Science courses which are part of the major may be applied to this 9-unit requirement.