Certificate in Computer Engineering (9 units)

This certificate is available only for MS Computer Science matriculated students.

Whenever possible, CSC course numbers below link to full course outlines in PDF format. Although they are the most recent formal descriptions available, they may not reflect the current textbooks being used or the faculty member currently teaching the course. Students should check with the department office if they have questions about textbooks or instructors.


Course #

Course Title and Prerequisite


Select one of the following:

CSC 237

Microprocessor Systems Architecture (CSC 205)

CSC 280

Advanced Computer Architecture (CSC 205 and fully classified graduate status in Computer Science or Software Engineering)

EEE 285

Micro-Computer System Design I (CPE 185 or EEE 174)


Select one of the following:

CSC 242

Computer Aided Design Methodology for Computer Systems (CSC 205 or CSC 273)

CSC 273

Hierarchical Digital Design Methodology (CSC 205 or CPE 64 or equivalent)


Select one of the following:

CSC 159

Operating System Pragmatics (CSC 139)

CSC 239

Advanced Operating Systems Principles (CSC 205)

Application for Certificate in Computer Engineering (pdf file)