CpE Graduate Program Course Descriptions

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CPE 201. Research Methodology.Research methodology, problem formulation and problem solving. Collective and individual study of selective issues and problems relating to fields of study in theComputer Engineering Graduate Program. Orientation to the requirements for Master's Thesis or Project in Computer Engineering. 
Prerequisite: Fully classified graduate status. Graded Credit/No Credit. 1 unit.

CPE 273. Hierarchical Digital Design Methodology. Advanced logic modeling, simulation, and synthesis techniques. Topics include modeling,simulation, and synthesis techniques, using Hardware Description Language( HDL's ), Register Transfer Level (RTL) representation, high level functional partitioning, functional verification and testing, computer-aided logic synthesis, logical verification and testing, timing and delay analysis,automated place and route process', and design with Application Specific Integrated Circuits ( ASICs ) and programmable logic. 
Prerequisite: CSC205, EEE 285 or their equivalents. 3 units.

CPE 274 Advanced Timing Analysis Timing analysis of Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) desings: Topics include ASIC design methodology, static timing analysis, timing design constraints, design reports, clock timing issues, timing exceptions, operating conditions, hierarchical analysis, analyzing designs with asynchronoous logic, performance measurement and power issues. 
Prerequisite: EEE 273, CSC 273, CPE 273 or instructor permission. 
Cross-listed: EEE 274; only one may be counted for credit. 3 units.

CPE 280. Advanced Computer Architecture.Introduction to parallel architecture covering computer classification schemes, fine and course grain parallelism, processor interconnections, and performance issues of multiprocessor systems. Includes parallel and pipelined instruction execution, structure of multiprocessor systems, memory hierarchy and coherency in shared memory systems, programming issues of multiprocessor systems,arithmetic pipeline design, and design for testability. 
Prerequisite: CSC 205, fully classified graduate status. 3 units.

CPE 296. Experimental Offerings in Computer Engineering. Whena sufficient number of qualified students are interested, one of the staff will conduct a seminar on some topic of Computer Engineering. 
Note: May be repeated once for credit. 1-4 units.

CPE 299. Special Problems. Open to qualified students who wish to pursue problems of their own choice. Projects must have approval and supervision of a faculty advisor. Graded Credit/NoCredit. 1-3 units.

CPE 500. Culminating Experience. Completion of a thesis or project approved for the master's degree. 
Note: May be repeated for credit. 
Prerequisite: Advanced to candidacy and graduate coordinator's permission. Graded Credit/No Credit. 1-3 units.