About Computer Engineering

Program Overview

Riverside Building ImageSacramento State was one of the early Universities to offer a BS in Computer Engineering degree in the State of California. Today, most Engineering Universities in the USA offer such a degree in some fashion. At Sac State, this degree is offered through a joint program sponsored by the Electrical & Electronic Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department. This arrangement has the advantage of support from two strong departments. Rather than competing against each other for students and resources, the two departments and Computer Engineering work together for the mutual benefit of all three. Students and Faculty from these areas share laboratories and equipment.

Currently, there are about 450 Undergraduate Pre-Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering majors. There are seven Computer Engineering faculty each of which have appointments in either Computer Science or Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Computer Engineering has four laboratory rooms in Riverside Hall. The Computer Engineering office is located in room RVR 3022, however if they are closed you may seek assistance in RVR 3018. 

Dr. Nikrouz Faroughi is the Coordinator for the Computer Engineering Program.