ECS Partnership Information

Getting Started

To begin the partnership application process, the prospective sponsor should:

1)  Fill out the application provided below as completely as possible.

2)  Email the application to Denise Anderson at

3)  A professor or administrator will contact the prospective sponsor for the purpose of refining the scope of the partnership, documenting any student team members, and answering questions that the prospective sponsor may have.  Upon agreement by both parties, the prospective sponsor will sign, scan, and re-submit (by email) the fully completed Partnership Form to Denise Anderson in the Dean’s office.

Any checks should be made payable to:

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Riverside Hall
6000 J Street, MS 6023
Sacramento, CA 95819-2605

If the Sponsor is funding a senior design or research project any fees will be set upon final agreement on the scope of the work. This financial support will go directly to the department hosting the partnership and will be used to pay for materials, promotional items, software, and department expenses associated with the development of the product or research.