College Centers

  • STORC - Sustainable Technology Optimization Research Center

  • The Sustainable Technology Outdoor/Optimization Research Center (STORC) is a practical living laboratory and a multi-disciplinary center for learning that synergistically enhances research outcomes and student learning experiences. Interdisciplinary participation in STORC includes professors and students from Natural Science and Mathematics, Engineering and Computer Science, Social Science and Interdisciplinary Studies, and from various administrative offices such as Environmental Health and Safety, Risk Management, and Facilities Management.
  • Center for Information Assurance & Security

    The mission of the center is to advance knowledge of information assurance and security practices through:
    • Education, training, and awareness programs in information assurance and security issues and practices.
    • Applied research in information assurance and security.
    • Developing interdisciplinary programs in information assurance and security.
    • Outreach programs to assist our community, including community colleges, K-12 schools, industry, and government in information assurance and security issues.
    • Forming collaboration with other education, research, industry, and government institutions as partners.
  • Office of Water Programs

    OWP's mission is to provide cost-effective solutions for protecting and enhancing water resources, public health, and the environment through training, scientific research, and public education.