CM Program

Location: RVR Hall 4024
Hours: M - F 9:00AM To 4:00PM 
Phone: 1-(916)-278-6616 

Faculty Image Outside Riverside Hall
Names from left to right: Matt Amend, CSUS CM Grad and Project Engineer with DeSilva Gates; Mike Guido, Area Manager, DeSilva Gates; Mikael Anderson, CM Professor; and Jaime Cochran, new CM Grad.

  • Check out or new Construction Management SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION AND MATRIX - you can submit the application and matrix online (click on the scholarship link on the left side).  The Pre-Qualification Matrix lists the specifications for each scholarship and allows you to quickly determine which scholarship(s) you qualify for.

Keep checking back for more exciting news, new scholarships, alumni information, success stories, pictures of recent local projects that our CM Graduates are involved in and much more...