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College of Engineering and Computer Science

Fall 2016 Dean's Honors List

Last Name

First Name


Abe Jake Mechanical Engineering  
Acevedo David Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Acob Martin Karl Computer Science  
Adams Joshua Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Afzal Muhammad Computer Science  
Afzel Humna Mechanical Engineering  
Aguirre Martin Civil Engineering  
Aguirre Jose Computer Engineering  
Aguirre Gabriel Computer Science  
Aguirre Manuel Mechanical Engineering  
Agustin Nathalie Computer Science  
Ahmed Ammar Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Aladem Khalaf Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Alariki Abdulhaq Civil Engineering  
Albright Jeremiah Computer Science  
Albright Evan Construction Management  
Alcantar Oscar Computer Science  
Alderete Mark Mechanical Engineering  
Aldrete Vincent Civil Engineering  
Alexandrova Yekaterina Civil Engineering  
Ali Zaeem Civil Engineering  
Almond Hailey Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Alon Aviv Computer Science  
Alshehri Meshari Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Amawi Zeena Mechanical Engineering  
Ames Cassandra Mechanical Engineering  
Anaya Eduardo Computer Engineering  
Anaya Jose Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Andrade Alberto Computer Engineering  
Angel Gustavo Civil Engineering  
Angeles Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Apodaca Paul Construction Management  
Arandia Cardenas Marcos Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Armstrong Jonathan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Arreola Ashley Civil Engineering  
Arreola Aldrin Computer Science  
Arriaga Adrian Mechanical Engineering  
Artishuk Vadim Computer Engineering  
Artishuk David Mechanical Engineering  
Aryani Armon Civil Engineering  
Ashtari Bahman Computer Science  
Ashworth Shane Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Asif Shafa Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Assi Walid Civil Engineering  
Atalig Galileo Mechanical Engineering  
Atashkadeh Keivan Construction Management  
Athwal Lukhvir Computer Science  
Avalos Jonathan Mechanical Engineering  
Avetisyan Moses Mechanical Engineering  
Avril Marius Mechanical Engineering  
Ayala Miguel Mechanical Engineering  
Aziz Nurthin Computer Engineering  
Babchanik Aleksandr Mechanical Engineering  
Babchanik Anton Mechanical Engineering  
Babchanik Pavel Mechanical Engineering  
Bae Richard Computer Science  
Baez Mendez Nicole Computer Science  
Baghdadi Sason Computer Science  
Bailey Lucas Civil Engineering  
Bakhtary Behruz Mechanical Engineering  
Balanay Branden Computer Science  
Balgaard Nicholas Mechanical Engineering  
Banga Arindeep Computer Science  
Barchuck Diana Mechanical Engineering  
Barchuk Inna Civil Engineering  
Bard Alex Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Baron Alex Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Bartalini Robert Civil Engineering  
Bartoli Ryan Computer Science  
Bartolome Dennis Mechanical Engineering  
Basuki Lauren Civil Engineering  
Batbayar Yanjinlkham Civil Engineering  
Bauguess Timothy Computer Science  
Bauguss Marshall Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Baybayan Mara Mechanical Engineering  
Becker Nicole Computer Science  
Becker Nicholas Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Belkoff Alexis Mechanical Engineering  
Bello Courtney Mechanical Engineering  
Benham Drew Computer Science  
Bennett Christian Mechanical Engineering  
Bergamini Nicholas Computer Engineering  
Biaheza Aliaksandr Civil Engineering  
Bickford Job Civil Engineering  
Bigler Joshua Computer Science  
Bikoba Elvis Civil Engineering  
Biwole Meke Aurelien Mechanical Engineering  
Blaevoet Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Blake Dillon Mechanical Engineering  
Blanco Alejandro Computer Science  
Blaney Christopher Computer Engineering  
Blatt Stephen Computer Science  
Bluford Jordan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Bock Thomas Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Bolas Elijah Computer Engineering  
Bonanni Marco Mechanical Engineering  
Bonham Jessica Civil Engineering  
Borisouth Chanhty Computer Engineering  
Boyle Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Boyles Ryan Computer Science  
Bracamontes Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Bresnahan James Construction Management  
Brinson Travis Computer Science  
Broderick Anthony Mechanical Engineering  
Browne John Mechanical Engineering  
Browning Christopher Mechanical Engineering  
Bruno Kenton Civil Engineering  
Bryant Jesse Computer Science  
Bui Alexander Civil Engineering  
Bui Phuoc Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Burkett Trenton Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Burton Garret Civil Engineering  
Busto Geokernplets Computer Science  
Butterfield Johnathan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Byrne Brandon Computer Engineering  
Cabugwas Marlon Ray Computer Engineering  
Camarena Mario Construction Management  
Campbell Joshua Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Campos Roberto Computer Science  
Campos Ethan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Cao Henry Computer Science  
Cardona-Guzman Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Carlile Bryce Mechanical Engineering  
Carpenter James Mechanical Engineering  
Carpenter Vincent Mechanical Engineering  
Carrasco Elias Computer Engineering  
Castillo Aaron Mechanical Engineering  
Castillo Kaitlyn Mechanical Engineering  
Castro Karina Civil Engineering  
Castro Cyrill Computer Science  
Cata Jane Mechanical Engineering  
Cazares Ricardo Computer Science  
Cedeno Jorge Computer Science  
Cha Tommy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Chac Erica Mechanical Engineering  
Chaiyartet Nicholas Computer Science  
Chan Kevin Computer Science  
Chan Michael Computer Science  
Chandra Vina Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Chase Tyler Mechanical Engineering  
Chau Allen Computer Engineering  
Chaudhary Pranay Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Chea Kimlee Computer Engineering  
Chen Jennifer Computer Science  
Chen Guangyao Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Cheong Kevin Computer Science  
Chernioglo Jason Computer Science  
Cheung Aaron Computer Science  
Cheung Jacsica Computer Science  
Cheung Justina Computer Science  
Chiapuzio-Wong Tiffany Computer Science  
Chiley Vadim Civil Engineering  
Chiley Adrian Mechanical Engineering  
Chin Ricky Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Cho Yu Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Chohan Madiha Civil Engineering  
Christiansen Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Chrzan Jacob Mechanical Engineering  
Chubbuck Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Chung Quentin Computer Science  
Cisneros Federico Mechanical Engineering  
Clark Remington Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Clark Edward Mechanical Engineering  
Clark Grant Mechanical Engineering  
Clay Christopher Mechanical Engineering  
Cleetus Alan Computer Science  
Clifton Kyle Mechanical Engineering  
Co Benson Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Collins Grady Mechanical Engineering  
Colton Thomas Civil Engineering  
Conrad William Mechanical Engineering  
Contreras Naira Civil Engineering  
Contreras Martin Construction Management  
Cordon Eduardo Computer Engineering  
Corsini Johanna Computer Science  
Cortes James Civil Engineering  
Cortes Sergio Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Cortez Alecza Mae Mechanical Engineering  
Coughran Madalyn Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Covington Tashly Civil Engineering  
Cracraft Dylan Mechanical Engineering  
Crayne Jeffrey Mechanical Engineering  
Creano Eric Civil Engineering  
Creason Tyler Construction Management  
Crespo Julio Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Crittendon Mark Mechanical Engineering  
Croce Sonja Mechanical Engineering  
Cronan Johnathan Mechanical Engineering  
Crumley Nicolas Mechanical Engineering  
Cunanan Jerome Ray Computer Science  
Currie Trevyn Computer Science  
Dahal Amit Computer Science  
Dal Porto Rachael Mechanical Engineering  
Dang Andrew Civil Engineering  
Dang Derick Computer Engineering  
Dang Dennis Computer Science  
Daniliuk Vitaliy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Dao Tan Computer Science  
Daood Maram Construction Management  
Davis Margaret Computer Engineering  
De La Mora Irania Computer Engineering  
Deemak Rapeepat Computer Science  
Delwiche Brit Computer Science  
Demchik Anatoliy Mechanical Engineering  
Denison Robert Civil Engineering  
Derrick Beau Computer Science  
Dhanoa Angad Pal Computer Engineering  
Dias John Mechanical Engineering  
Diaz Anthony Mechanical Engineering  
Diaz Jose Mechanical Engineering  
Diaz Ricardo Mechanical Engineering  
Dip Raymond Computer Engineering  
Dixon Shawn Computer Science  
Dixon Jacob Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Dolin Jack Civil Engineering  
Dolin Sarah Civil Engineering  
Domashuk Max Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Dominguez Cecilia Computer Science  
Donovan Haley Civil Engineering  
Doon William Computer Science  
Doroshuk David Mechanical Engineering  
Downey Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Driver Samantha Computer Science  
Drury Kyle Mechanical Engineering  
Dub Vitalina Computer Science  
Dungca Lovely Joyce Computer Science  
Dunning Alexander Civil Engineering  
Duong Charmaine Civil Engineering  
Dyer Brian Mechanical Engineering  
Dzida Justin Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Dzyuba Yuriy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ebenezer Andrew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Edmond Nicole Mechanical Engineering  
Edrees Mutaz Mechanical Engineering  
Eiramjani Dimitri Computer Science  
Encina Chris Civil Engineering  
Encinas Andrew Computer Engineering  
Engdaw Mulugeta Computer Engineering  
Engle Lucas Computer Science  
Esparza Eloisa Computer Engineering  
Esquivel Jaren Mechanical Engineering  
Evans Rodney Mechanical Engineering  
Ezaki Joseph Computer Science  
Farah Haweya Civil Engineering  
Fedor Brendan Mechanical Engineering  
Fedun Vladimir Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Fernandez Theodora Ruth Computer Science  
Fernandez Vasquez Jose Civil Engineering  
Fesliyan Mary Mechanical Engineering  
Fielding Devin Civil Engineering  
Fiorito Nicholas Mechanical Engineering  
Fleyshgauer Mark Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Flores Carmela Computer Science  
Flores Jeremy Computer Science  
Fomin Pavel Civil Engineering  
Ford Cary Computer Science  
Foster Jordan Mechanical Engineering  
Foulk Charles Computer Science  
Fox Kelvin Computer Science  
Franciosa Leonardo Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Freas Jacob Mechanical Engineering  
Fredericks Christian Mechanical Engineering  
Frye Zachary Mechanical Engineering  
Fugina Vincent Construction Management  
Fujikawa Andrew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Fujimoto Kosuke Computer Engineering  
Fulkerson Samuel Computer Science  
Furmidge Grayson Mechanical Engineering  
Gabriel John Christian Civil Engineering  
Gaglianone Giuliana Civil Engineering  
Galan Jorge Civil Engineering  
Gamza Vladimir Mechanical Engineering  
Garcia Edgar Mechanical Engineering  
Garcia Jose Mechanical Engineering  
Garcia Roberto Mechanical Engineering  
Garnham Kevin Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gayduchik Edward Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gayla Ian Mechanical Engineering  
Gellerman Jeff Computer Science  
Gharaibeh Rami Civil Engineering  
Ghiglione Jack Mechanical Engineering  
Gialketsis Nicolette Mechanical Engineering  
Giang Minh Computer Science  
Gill Jasjit Computer Engineering  
Gills Braden Computer Science  
Giovinazzo Amy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gitonga Mugendi Computer Engineering  
Gizicki Benn Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gladden Rebecca Mechanical Engineering  
Go Gihoon Mechanical Engineering  
Gomez Analiss Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gomez Michael Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Gomez Jesus Mechanical Engineering  
Gomez Dawson Alyce Computer Science  
Gong Matthew Mechanical Engineering  
Gonzales Jorge Computer Engineering  
Gonzalez Erik Computer Engineering  
Gonzalez Veronica Computer Engineering  
Gonzalez Ismael Mechanical Engineering  
Gooch Cooper Computer Engineering  
Gopez Deric Mechanical Engineering  
Gordon Kiel Computer Science  
Gowdey Anja Construction Management  
Grandov Anthony Mechanical Engineering  
Graves Nathan Computer Science  
Green Benjamin Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Greenacre Cole Mechanical Engineering  
Greene Brian Civil Engineering  
Gritsyuk Alina Computer Science  
Guardado Victor Civil Engineering  
Guerrero Luis Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Guillen Sergio Mechanical Engineering  
Gunter Jason Computer Science  
Gutierrez Nestor Construction Management  
Guzman Gregory Computer Science  
Guzman Guztavo Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Habibi Hasib Computer Science  
Hagen Timothy Mechanical Engineering  
Hagerty Levi Mechanical Engineering  
Hall Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Hamid Abobaker Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Hamm Brayden Computer Engineering  
Hamm Tyler Computer Science  
Han Alexander Computer Engineering  
Hang Steven Computer Science  
Hansra Gurjot Computer Science  
Harlan Travis Mechanical Engineering  
Harland Mark Computer Science  
Harrington Mackenzie Computer Engineering  
Hartman Reece Mechanical Engineering  
Hassanpur Ferdows Computer Science  
Hatton Christopher Civil Engineering  
Hawkins Elliot Computer Science  
Hayworth Zackary Mechanical Engineering  
Heaney Eric Mechanical Engineering  
Henry Andre Mechanical Engineering  
Henry Austin Mechanical Engineering  
Her Lee Mechanical Engineering  
Hernandez Nestor Civil Engineering  
Hernandez Luis Construction Management  
Hernandez Francisco Mechanical Engineering  
Hernandez Ricardo Mechanical Engineering  
Hicks Jared Computer Science  
Hicks Christopher Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Hidalgo Kristoffer Mechanical Engineering  
Hinds Zachary Mechanical Engineering  
Hipolito Martinez Christian Construction Management  
Ho Phu Computer Science  
Ho Kandy Computer Science  
Hoang Justin Computer Science  
Hoang Khoi Computer Science  
Hoang Sky Computer Science  
Hobler David Mechanical Engineering  
Hoffman Brock Construction Management  
Holt Jeramiha Computer Science  
Holt Noah Construction Management  
Hoong James Civil Engineering  
Hooper Allonte Computer Science  
Hopwood Wyatt Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Hu Patrick Civil Engineering  
Hua Jacob Computer Science  
Huang David Computer Science  
Huang Jerry Mechanical Engineering  
Hubbard Zachary Civil Engineering  
Hubbell Alexander Civil Engineering  
Huey Andersen Computer Engineering  
Huggins Jonathan Computer Engineering  
Hughes Morgan Computer Science  
Huynh Andy Computer Science  
Ibrahim Faizan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ignacio Vino Mechanical Engineering  
Ilori Adedamola Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ingraffia Arthur Mechanical Engineering  
Iniguez Adriana Civil Engineering  
Iniguez Jose Mechanical Engineering  
Israel Isaac Computer Science  
Issazadeh Ordshahi Jilbert Civil Engineering  
Ito Sandy Mechanical Engineering  
Ivanilov Dmitriy Mechanical Engineering  
Jackson James Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Jahami Mahdi Mechanical Engineering  
James Matthew Civil Engineering  
James Denzel Mechanical Engineering  
Jardine Samantha Computer Science  
Jarvis Haleigh Mechanical Engineering  
Jaswal Ankita Computer Engineering  
Javed Khalil Computer Engineering  
Jia Qingyao Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Jimenez Jade Computer Science  
Jimenez Ulices Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Jivan Michael Computer Science  
Johal Kevinjit Computer Engineering  
Johnson Michael Computer Science  
Johnson Christopher Construction Management  
Johnston Thomas Construction Management  
Johnston Neil Mechanical Engineering  
Jolley Jared Mechanical Engineering  
Joseph Ryan Computer Science  
Juarez Gabriel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Judilla David Computer Science  
Junio Brian Computer Science  
Junio April Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Kabanets Oleksandr Computer Science  
Kabbaj Noah Mechanical Engineering  
Kahlon Manraj Computer Science  
Kardach Tommy Computer Science  
Katzakian Trevor Mechanical Engineering  
Kaur Satinderpal Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Kay Jared Civil Engineering  
Keaton Zachary Construction Management  
Kelleher Peter Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Keller Jacob Mechanical Engineering  
Kendrick David Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Kerbow Austin Computer Science  
Khaliq Zeeshan Computer Science  
Khan Fizzah Computer Science  
Khan Sameeh Computer Science  
Khan Hashim Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Khang John Computer Engineering  
Khatri Pawan Computer Science  
Khinda Jagdeep Civil Engineering  
King Nicholas Computer Science  
Kirk Scott Construction Management  
Kishiyama Brandon Computer Science  
Kistanov Daniil Computer Science  
Klaffa Samir Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Klenner Eric Computer Engineering  
Klimkiv Bogdan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Klockenbrink Kyle Computer Science  
Knowles Graeme Computer Science  
Ko Kenny Computer Science  
Kobata Kyle Computer Science  
Kochergin Aleksandr Computer Science  
Komarchuk Konstantin Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Korneyenko Denis Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Kovac Craig Computer Engineering  
Kovalchuk Margarita Civil Engineering  
Kovalyshyn Oleg Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Kuhnke Andrew Mechanical Engineering  
Kumar Karun Mechanical Engineering  
Kutsar Valeriy Computer Science  
Kuzko Jennifer Civil Engineering  
Lacap Lyudmida Computer Engineering  
Lam Hung Computer Engineering  
Lamb Ryan Mechanical Engineering  
Lamichhane Sujan Computer Science  
Lampl Jacob Computer Science  
Langford Jennifer Civil Engineering  
Larson Kurt Computer Science  
Lathrop Nadezhda Civil Engineering  
Laycock-Clifford Kyler Computer Science  
Lazarev Vadim Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Le Jimmy Computer Science  
Le Peter Computer Science  
Le Thien Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Le Nicholas Mechanical Engineering  
Ledesma MarcoAntonio Computer Engineering  
Lee Jen-Ann Civil Engineering  
Lee Jeremiah Civil Engineering  
Lee Sam Civil Engineering  
Lee Stanley Computer Science  
Lee Victor Computer Science  
Lee Kun Woo Mechanical Engineering  
Lee Pheng Mechanical Engineering  
Legaspi Hermont George Computer Science  
Leney Collin Mechanical Engineering  
Leong Jared Computer Science  
Leung Chun Yue Computer Science  
Leung Grant Computer Science  
Levinsky Charles Computer Science  
Levy Wyatt Mechanical Engineering  
Lew Katlynn Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Li Jonathan Computer Science  
Li Zhicong Computer Science  
Liang Simin Computer Science  
Liang Weiting Computer Science  
Lim Kylie Civil Engineering  
Lin Jeremy Computer Science  
Little McKenzie Computer Science  
Liu David Computer Science  
Liu Kyne Computer Science  
Liu Yue Ching Mechanical Engineering  
Lock Oscar Computer Science  
Lombardi Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Long Ryan Computer Science  
Lonsdale Nicholas Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Lopez Ana Civil Engineering  
Lopez Dorryen Computer Science  
Lopez Carlos Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Lopez Yovany Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Lor Destiny Civil Engineering  
Lor Hue Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Lowe Andrew Computer Science  
Loy-Miranda Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Lozano Zoe Civil Engineering  
Lozoya Marcos Mechanical Engineering  
Lu Bryant Computer Science  
Luc Andy Mechanical Engineering  
Ludanov Kevin Computer Science  
Luna Alec Computer Science  
Lundblom Kyle Civil Engineering  
Luong Brandon Computer Science  
Luong Ashley Mechanical Engineering  
Ly Justin Computer Science  
Ly-Lee Richard Civil Engineering  
Lynch Jessica Civil Engineering  
Lynch Jeremiah Mechanical Engineering  
Macahilas Hana Mechanical Engineering  
MacGregor Eric Mechanical Engineering  
Machado Nathan Civil Engineering  
Madrigal Alejandra Civil Engineering  
Magana Teresa Civil Engineering  
Maggio Derek Computer Science  
Mahil Manjot Computer Science  
Mai Andy Computer Engineering  
Mai Thanh Computer Science  
Malaki Sidlak Caleb Computer Science  
Maldonado Christian Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Malhotra Ajinkya Computer Science  
Malik Marryum Computer Science  
Malonson Kenneth Mechanical Engineering  
Mandell Samuel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Mangabay Remy Mechanical Engineering  
Maniscalco Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Mansfield Ryan Computer Engineering  
Maqsood Muhammad Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Markel Andrew Mechanical Engineering  
Markoglo Malvina Computer Science  
Marquez Marcos Civil Engineering  
Marquez Cristian Mechanical Engineering  
Marshall Katie Civil Engineering  
Martin Sabrina Mechanical Engineering  
Martinez Cady Civil Engineering  
Martinez Daniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Martinez Francisco Daniel Computer Science  
Martz Joshua Mechanical Engineering  
Masoud Amr Computer Science  
Masoud Eahab Computer Science  
Matthews Cory Civil Engineering  
McAdams Marie Computer Science  
Mckee Brian Mechanical Engineering  
McKinney Edward Mechanical Engineering  
McNeely Dylan Computer Engineering  
Melaku Nahom Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Mello Paul Computer Science  
Melnik Daniel Civil Engineering  
Mentukh Sabinaannavi Computer Engineering  
Mercado John Raymond Mechanical Engineering  
Mercado Kenneth Mechanical Engineering  
Meyers Douglas Mechanical Engineering  
Miao Roger Computer Science  
Midrigan Cristina Computer Engineering  
Miller Jeremy Construction Management  
Miner Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Moazami Seyedamirebrahim Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Modesto Israel Mechanical Engineering  
Mohabbat Hasibullah Civil Engineering  
Mohammadi Yoseph Civil Engineering  
Mokrushin Edward Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Montiel Eduardo Computer Engineering  
Moody Erik Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Moody Jakob Mechanical Engineering  
Moore Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering  
Mora Edwin Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Moral Jordan Mechanical Engineering  
Morales Andres Civil Engineering  
Morales Leonel Mechanical Engineering  
Morales-Gomez Christian Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Moreno Jorge Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Morrar Jamil Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Morris Jacob Civil Engineering  
Morris Josh Mechanical Engineering  
Mossburg Cody Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Mott Kyle Construction Management  
Moua Robert Mechanical Engineering  
Moulton Thomas Civil Engineering  
Moynier Brandon Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Muller Eric Civil Engineering  
Munoz David Civil Engineering  
Munoz Andres Mechanical Engineering  
Murdock Devin Computer Science  
Murillo Christian Mechanical Engineering  
Murillo Jesus Mechanical Engineering  
Naatz Ryan Computer Science  
Naeem Rehan Mechanical Engineering  
Nahal Sukhchan Computer Science  
Nason Matthew Civil Engineering  
Nation Brian Mechanical Engineering  
Natov Dana Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Naumchuk Tetiana Mechanical Engineering  
Navarrete Ricardo Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Nayoan Fritz Mechanical Engineering  
Near Wesley Mechanical Engineering  
Neronde Jonathan Computer Science  
Nguyen Brent Civil Engineering  
Nguyen Ellis Computer Engineering  
Nguyen Nicholas Computer Engineering  
Nguyen Steve Computer Engineering  
Nguyen Uyen Computer Engineering  
Nguyen Brandon Computer Science  
Nguyen Ly Computer Science  
Nguyen Matthew Computer Science  
Nguyen Tao Phuong Computer Science  
Nguyen Kenneth Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Nguyen Thien Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Nguyen An Mechanical Engineering  
Nguyen Han Mechanical Engineering  
Nguyen Kenny Mechanical Engineering  
Nicolaysen Michael Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Nikiforov Anton Computer Engineering  
Nix Matthew Computer Science  
Norris Jared Civil Engineering  
Northrop Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Novack Theodore Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ochoa Ariel-Jose Construction Management  
Oconnor Chase Computer Science  
Offen Yael Computer Engineering  
Olifir Artyom Mechanical Engineering  
Omary Ameer Construction Management  
Omas Marc Computer Science  
O'Neill Michael Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ong Jennifer Computer Engineering  
Opada Joshua Computer Science  
Opdyke Adreanna Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Oravillo Irene Computer Science  
Orfitelli Nicholas Computer Engineering  
Ornouski Evan Mechanical Engineering  
Orozco Augustine Computer Science  
Orozco Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Orozco Eduardo Mechanical Engineering  
Ortillo Jeric Computer Science  
Ortiz Jasper Construction Management  
Ortiz Andrew Mechanical Engineering  
Osborn Nathan Computer Science  
Osier Aaron Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ouchmame Fouad Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Ozeruga Edward Computer Science  
Pacheco Misael Mechanical Engineering  
Paraiso Alex Gabriel Computer Engineering  
Parra Kendall Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Parsons Cole Computer Engineering  
Pasion Sol Computer Science  
Patel Akshar Computer Science  
Pauley Eric Computer Science  
Pavelchik Dillon Mechanical Engineering  
Peck Ryan Computer Engineering  
Pena Alejandro Computer Science  
Pereyra Carlos Mechanical Engineering  
Perez Earl Brighton Computer Science  
Perez Monica Construction Management  
Perez Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Perez Wilson Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Petukh Eduard Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Pham Steven Computer Engineering  
Pham Lan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Piering David Construction Management  
Pineda Nicole Mechanical Engineering  
Pinger Nathaniel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Pires Austin Construction Management  
Pishtoy Bogdan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Pitcock Michael Civil Engineering  
Pjanic Amar Computer Engineering  
Planchard Caitlin Mechanical Engineering  
Platon Peter Mechanical Engineering  
Pokorney Amanda Computer Science  
Polly Jordan Construction Management  
Ponton Giovan Mechanical Engineering  
Popovich Christopher Mechanical Engineering  
Postnov Yevgeniy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Preciado Raymundo Mechanical Engineering  
Price Ryan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Prieto Jose Computer Science  
Priymak David Mechanical Engineering  
Proffit Breeana Computer Engineering  
Pulido Christopher Computer Science  
Putzig Zachary Mechanical Engineering  
Qasim Ramsha Mechanical Engineering  
Quijas Victor Mechanical Engineering  
Quintero Eduardo Mechanical Engineering  
Quitugua Jason Civil Engineering  
Rabago David Computer Engineering  
Raga Bjorne Computer Science  
Rall Ian Mechanical Engineering  
Ramirez Teresa Computer Science  
Ramirez Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Ramos Blake Computer Engineering  
Ramsey Bryant Computer Science  
Rarick Nicholas Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Reddy Kashmita Computer Science  
Redmond Bradley Mechanical Engineering  
Reed Amanda Computer Science  
Rehman Abdur Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Reinhard Alexander Computer Science  
Relat Charles Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Remoy Erik Mechanical Engineering  
Rempe Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Reyes Jeffrey Thomas Civil Engineering  
Reyes Jeremiah Computer Science  
Rhodes James Computer Science  
Rice Colin Computer Science  
Rice Lauren Mechanical Engineering  
Richmond Alec Mechanical Engineering  
Richner Elisha Computer Science  
Richter Shelby Mechanical Engineering  
Riedell Erika Mechanical Engineering  
Riley Ryan Computer Science  
Rivas David Civil Engineering  
Roberts Philip Civil Engineering  
Robinson Jason Computer Science  
Robison Wyatt Mechanical Engineering  
Rodas Pablo Mechanical Engineering  
Rodriguez Gabriel Computer Engineering  
Rodriguez Angel Computer Engineering  
Rodriguez Oscar Construction Management  
Rogers Daniel Computer Science  
Rogers Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Romanyuk Timofey Construction Management  
Ropp Branson Mechanical Engineering  
Roque Valdes Ariel Civil Engineering  
Rosales Daniel Computer Science  
Rossovsky Daniel Mechanical Engineering  
Rotaru Maksim Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Rowe Stephen Mechanical Engineering  
Roy Matthew Computer Science  
Ruan Richard Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Rubalcava Martin Mechanical Engineering  
Rubiono Nicholas Mechanical Engineering  
Ruderman Oksana Computer Science  
Rudy Daniel Computer Science  
Ruiz Paul Mechanical Engineering  
Rusetskiy Dmitriy Computer Science  
Ryan David Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Rydzynski Alexander Civil Engineering  
Saavedra Yuruvith Computer Engineering  
Saavedra Leopoldo Mechanical Engineering  
Sadek Danya Mechanical Engineering  
Saechao Calvin Computer Science  
Saechao Lawrence Mechanical Engineering  
Saechao Matthew Mechanical Engineering  
Saetern Ada Computer Science  
Saeteurn Chanchiew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Safi Timur Civil Engineering  
Sah Raju Civil Engineering  
Sah Ram Civil Engineering  
Saif Faizah Civil Engineering  
Saini Baljinder Computer Engineering  
Sala Sondra Civil Engineering  
Salah Hamed Civil Engineering  
Salazar Andrew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Salazar Nazaret Mechanical Engineering  
Salazar-Wojcik Cristopher Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Salva John Lorenz Computer Science  
Sancada Mel Kristoffer Mechanical Engineering  
Sanchez Mary Civil Engineering  
Sanchez Tianna Computer Engineering  
Sanchez Ignacio Mechanical Engineering  
Sandhu Taranjit Computer Engineering  
Sanghera Gurpreet Computer Engineering  
Saqqa Noura Civil Engineering  
Sarver David Mechanical Engineering  
Savage Derek Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Say Justin Computer Science  
Schaap Andrew Benjamin Mechanical Engineering  
Schaefer Matthew Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Schiano Richard Computer Science  
Schumann Kenneth Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Schunk Zachary Computer Science  
Schwartz Kyle Mechanical Engineering  
Scott Joshua Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Scott Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Seguinte Erwin Jay Computer Science  
Selke Justin Computer Science  
Semeryuk Timofey Mechanical Engineering  
Serrano Alberto Mechanical Engineering  
Shabu Eban Computer Science  
Shah Khalid Computer Engineering  
Shankar Aman Ashis Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Shearer Callum Mechanical Engineering  
Shergill Pritpal Mechanical Engineering  
Shiboyan Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Shtevnina Mariya Computer Engineering  
Sidhu Josiah Mechanical Engineering  
Silva Angel Computer Engineering  
Silva Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Silva Avina Emmanuel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Silvas Francisco Mechanical Engineering  
Singh Amarjit Computer Engineering  
Singh Paramvir Computer Engineering  
Singh Tasneel Computer Engineering  
Singh Gurwinder Computer Science  
Singh Komalvir Computer Science  
Singh Jashmit Computer Science  
Singh Avneet Mechanical Engineering  
Singh Harman Mechanical Engineering  
Singh Jagdip Mechanical Engineering  
Singh Rajvir Mechanical Engineering  
Singleton Rachel Mechanical Engineering  
Sippel Angelica Computer Science  
Skaggs Tyler Construction Management  
Skidmore Jacob Computer Science  
Skinner Lucas Mechanical Engineering  
Smart Jeremy Computer Science  
Smiljanic Marko Computer Science  
Smit Courtney Construction Management  
Smith Holly Computer Science  
Snyder Brett Construction Management  
Solidum Marlo Mechanical Engineering  
Sondrol Zachary Construction Management  
Soria Ivan Computer Science  
Soria Ivan Mechanical Engineering  
Sotenko Pavel Computer Science  
Sou Kevin Computer Science  
Sou Jacky Mechanical Engineering  
Souza Brian Computer Science  
Spencer Garrett Computer Science  
Sperber Carson Civil Engineering  
Spichka Albert Civil Engineering  
Spinardi Frank Civil Engineering  
St Charles James Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Stake Katie Mechanical Engineering  
Standish David Mechanical Engineering  
Stasyuk Andriy Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Stephens Courtnay Computer Engineering  
Stephenson Kyle Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Stevens Matthew Mechanical Engineering  
Stoltenberg Andrew Mechanical Engineering  
Stoneman Skylar Mechanical Engineering  
Strong Bryan Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Su Deryk Computer Engineering  
Su Cuong Computer Science  
Swenson Christopher Computer Science  
Swing Elizabeth Civil Engineering  
Syftestad Clint Mechanical Engineering  
Sypyuk Lidiya Civil Engineering  
Szeto Sally Mechanical Engineering  
Takechi Austin Computer Science  
Taluban Jeffrey Civil Engineering  
Tam Jeremiah Mechanical Engineering  
Tamayo Jasmine Computer Science  
Tamboaon Kelsey Mechanical Engineering  
Tan Burke Computer Science  
Tan David Construction Management  
Tan Alexander Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Tandel Ravi Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Tano Anthony Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Tapia Omar Computer Science  
Tat Steven Computer Science  
Tax Joseph Mechanical Engineering  
Taylor Kameryn Computer Science  
Tellez Athzyri Civil Engineering  
Teply David Construction Management  
Terovic Amir Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Thai Henry Computer Engineering  
Thibado Tristan Computer Science  
Thillois Marc Mechanical Engineering  
Thirakoune Ann Computer Engineering  
Thompson Robert Computer Science  
Thor Cheng Computer Science  
Thornton Joseph Computer Science  
Thung Whitney Computer Science  
Tibayan Michelle Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Tinoco Ricardo Civil Engineering  
Tkachuk Samuel Mechanical Engineering  
Tomaso Alexander Computer Engineering  
Tomlin Anthony Computer Science  
Torres Stephanie Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Torrico Carlos Civil Engineering  
Tran Jimmy Computer Engineering  
Tran Steven Computer Science  
Tran Tommy Computer Science  
Tran Anthony Computer Science  
Tran Darrick Mechanical Engineering  
Tran Timothy Mechanical Engineering  
Tregear Damon Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Tritt Tyrus Computer Science  
Trueman Calvin Computer Engineering  
Trujillo Fernando Computer Engineering  
Trujillo Mario Mechanical Engineering  
Truong Victor Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Truong Peter Mechanical Engineering  
Truscott Ernest Computer Science  
Trux Samuel Alexander Mechanical Engineering  
Tu Christine Computer Science  
Tuazon John Computer Science  
Turner Michael Mechanical Engineering  
Ubryanov Igor Construction Management  
Ulloa Romo Abel Civil Engineering  
Ungab Virma Civil Engineering  
Uppal Jasdeep Computer Science  
Valdez Jupp Adrian Computer Engineering  
Vallesteros Rene Christopher Mechanical Engineering  
Vanderveen Caira Mechanical Engineering  
Vang Fue Computer Engineering  
Vang Princess Computer Engineering  
Vasilenko Bogdan Civil Engineering  
Vasilenko Aleksandr Computer Science  
Vath Christopher Computer Science  
Vazquez Brandon Mechanical Engineering  
Velasquez Alexander Computer Science  
Venturino Michael Computer Science  
Verbovshchuk Pavel Computer Science  
Vermenchuk Roman Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Villa Jose Computer Science  
Villanueva Vincent Mechanical Engineering  
Villegas Sanchez Diana Civil Engineering  
Viola Jesse Computer Science  
Virga Dominic Computer Science  
Voronin Yakov Computer Science  
Votino Nicholas Mechanical Engineering  
Vue Charlie Computer Science  
Vue Noah Mechanical Engineering  
Waechter Bradley Computer Science  
Wahhab Rami Construction Management  
Walia Kanwardeep Computer Engineering  
Wallin Sean Mechanical Engineering  
Wang Wenjie Computer Science  
Wantz Nick Computer Science  
Watson Quintin Computer Science  
Webb Wesley Computer Science  
Webb Christian Construction Management  
Weber Joshua Civil Engineering  
Welsh Matthew Civil Engineering  
Weng Eric Computer Engineering  
Wert Spencer Mechanical Engineering  
Weter Kathryn Computer Science  
White Alec Computer Science  
Whitney Alexander Construction Management  
Wilcox Zachary Computer Science  
Wilson Nathaniel Civil Engineering  
Wilson Connor Computer Science  
Wilson Tyler Computer Science  
Wittmann Trevor Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Woldeyes Samuel Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Womack James Computer Science  
Wong Brent Civil Engineering  
Wong David Computer Engineering  
Wong Victor Mechanical Engineering  
Woody Justin Civil Engineering  
Woodyard Marc Computer Science  
Worth Ryan Mechanical Engineering  
Wright Richard Computer Science  
Wright-Pace Jeremy Civil Engineering  
Wu Willis Computer Science  
Xiberras James Peter Mechanical Engineering  
Xiong Kaying Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Xiong Vincent Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Xiong Por Mechanical Engineering  
Yanez Mejia Eduardo Mechanical Engineering  
Yang Yong Computer Science  
Yang Zining Computer Science  
Yao Peter Computer Science  
Yaroshevich Eduard Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Yee Branden Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Yee Yang Chie Hong Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Yemane Aalom Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Yit William Mechanical Engineering  
Young Austin Civil Engineering  
Young Travis Mechanical Engineering  
Yu Courtney Computer Science  
Yu Yao Computer Science  
Zainchevskyy Mykyta Computer Engineering  
Zanko Petr Electrical & Electronic Engineering  
Zarate Manuel Mechanical Engineering  
Zasorin Aleksey Computer Science  
Zavala Eduardo Mechanical Engineering  
Zavala Jovanny Mechanical Engineering  
Zavorotny Vadim Mechanical Engineering  
Zayed Malik Mechanical Engineering  
Zech Stephen Computer Science  
Zellman Cortney Civil Engineering  
Zelmer Brandon Mechanical Engineering  
Zenarosa Kyle Computer Engineering  
Zhen Yao Hao Computer Science  
Zhu Guang Civil Engineering  
Zimmerman Matthew Civil Engineering  
Zotalis Greg Construction Management  
Zuniga Antonio Civil Engineering  
Zurbuchen Joshua Computer Science