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Engineering students float ideas at regional conference

Posted On : April 25th, 2009

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The idea of concrete floating on water might seem absurd, but Sacramento State students met the challenge at the annual regional Mid-Pacific Regional Conference sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Their vessel, constructed of a concrete mix that is lighter then water, but strong enough to withstand the weight of students, floated, but didn’t take the prize at the annual student competition hosted this year by the University of Nevada, Reno, April 16-18. The team finished fifth.

The event also featured separate Steel Bridge and Water Treatment competitions. Sacramento State placed fourth in both competitions.

While winning was the goal of all the teams, there were other reasons to compete said Joshua Wagner, president of Sacramento State’s ASCE chapter.

“The competition allowed students to apply the knowledge and skills they are learning in a classroom to design and build a real structure,” he says. “Putting that experience on a resume gives them a step up on the competition when they look for jobs in the future. Employers look for graduates who have building and design experience and can work in a team environment.”

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