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ECS Joint Council Hosting Engineering Expo

Event Date : March 5th, 2015

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Expo Flyer
The Engineering and Computer Science (ECS) Joint Council (of Student Organizations) is hosting an Engineering Expo on Saturday, March 14th, following the College of ECS Open House. The Expo will run from 12pm to 4pm in the University Union Ballroom. The Engineering Expo will be comprised of clubs, senior projects, research, and engineering major/student representation. With the support of these groups we are planning to pack the University Union Ballroom with activities, exhibits, ECS projects and STEM clubs. The ECS Joint Council wants industry leaders to walk in, see our projects, hear about our events, and be compelled to contribute to and hire our students. Our goal is to inspire prospective students, young and old, with the opportunities that the College of ECS has to offer. The Council envisions the campus community, students and faculty to be inspired to join our clubs as members and advisers. In addition to the Robot Rumble by Competitive Robotics, we have encouraged our engineering clubs to host their own activities or tabling area. Some of the many attractions and representation include: the Robot Rumble, Hornet Racing with their formula car, senior projects, Society of Hispanic Engineers, 3D printers, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Construction Management Build Competition, a coil gun, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Computer Science Game Programming 3D Graphics and Artificial Intelligence, Kavert Motorsports, the Solar Regatta Team, the Tiny House Project and much more!

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