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New Student Evaluation of Teaching

Event Date : April 22nd, 2011

From the Dean…

ECS Students Please Note: SIR II Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) form will be used again in Spring 2011 course evaluations

Once again this spring, the new SIR II Student Evaluation of Teaching form will be used for course evaluation in most courses in CE, CPE, CSC, and EEE.

This is a reminder that the SIR II form is longer than the former SET form that we have used for many years, and therefore will take a bit more of your time to complete. It will, however, allow you to directly evaluate more aspects of teaching than our previous form would allow, and there will still be a page for you to add any particular comments that you may feel will be helpful to us.

Please take full advantage of the opportunity that you have at the end of this semester to evaluate the teaching of your faculty, and to make your written comments. We do value them highly. As always, your evaluations and comments will remain anonymous. (N.B. Please be prepared for the evaluation by carrying a #2 pencil. Be pro-active. Consider typing any comments you may want to make on a plain sheet of paper, and bring that paper with you to the evaluation.)

Thanks once again for your cooperation as we continue the change to this new SET form.

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