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New Student Evaluation of Teaching

Event Date : November 4th, 2010

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From the Dean…

ECS Students Please Note: New Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) form will be used in many classes beginning in Fall, 2010.

Following pilot testing in Spring 2009, and careful consideration by the ECS faculty during the 2009-10 academic year, the SIR II form for Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) will make its debut in the college at the end of this semester in classes taught by faculty in CE, EEE/CPE, and CSC. Most, but not all classes offered by these departments will be evaluated using this new form. It is our hope that the form will eventually be adopted by all departments in the College, and will be used in all classes. The SIR II form has been developed over the past decade by Educational Testing Services (ETS, the folks who developed the SAT’s and GRE’s) and is now widely used by our disciplines at other universities across the country. It is anticipated that the information obtained from this form will better help our faculty to identify those aspects of their teaching in which they are performing well, and those in which they may need to consider making improvement. It will allow them to compare their teaching effectiveness, as evaluated by you, to national norms that have been assembled for each of our disciplines by ETS. And it will help to document that teaching effectiveness for our accrediting agencies.

The SIR II form is longer than the SET form we have been using for many years, and therefore will take a bit more of your time to complete. It will, however, allow you to directly evaluate more aspects of teaching than our previous form would allow, and there will still be a page for you to add any particular comments that you may feel will be helpful to us. Unfortunately, copyright restrictions prevent us from posting a copy of the new form. However, examples will be available for previewing at the counter in the CE, CSC, and EEE/CPE department offices, and in the Dean’s Office. We encourage you to stop in and take a look at the new form before the evaluation sessions begin in your classes.

Please take full advantage of the opportunity that you have at the end of each semester to evaluate the teaching of your faculty, and to make your written comments. We do value them highly. As always, your evaluations and comments will remain anonymous. (N.B. Please be prepared for the evaluation by carrying a #2 pencil.)

Thanks in advance for your cooperation as we begin the change to this new SET form.

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