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Registration Policy Changes

Posted On : October 12th, 2010

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Attention Students! There is a new university policy governing course withdrawals, drops, repeats, and incompletes. You are strongly advised to take notice of these important changes.


Withdrawals/Drops - “W” grade. Beginning Fall 2010, there will be a new limit of 18 units maximum allowed for withdrawals, courses dropped after the 20th day, Census, through the end of the 12th week of the term. Students who need to drop or withdraw due to extenuating circumstances, career or medical reasons clearly beyond the control of the student, may file a petition to drop. No petitions will be accepted without written verification of career or medical circumstances (a student-initiated job change does not qualify).

Withdrawals approved for extenuating circumstances during the last three weeks of instruction are excluded in the maximum 18 units allowed for withdrawals. “W” grade is not counted or calculated in your grade point average.

Repeats of Courses

Students may not repeat a course in which a grade of “C” or better has been earned.
A maximum of two attempts may be made to improve the grade.
A maximum of 16 units may be repeated for grade forgiveness. The grade earned in the second attempt will be calculated in the grade point average as the first earned grade will be excluded, forgiven, in the grade point average.
Once the 16 units maximum is reached, an additional 12 units (a total of 28 repeat units maximum) may be averaged in the grade point average.

Incomplete Grade

If an “I” grade was assigned in any prior term and no final grade has been awarded, a student may not re-enroll in the class. This will be strictly enforced. The student may re-enroll in the class after the grade has been changed and if the course is repeatable and the grade earned is below a “C” grade.

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