Study Center: The MEP study center is open to students 24/7 and is a place where students can study together and support one another. (Santa Clara Hall, 1207) You MUST have a Key Fob in order to access the study center.

Academic Advising and Counseling: In addition to meeting with academic departments for major advising, students meet with MEP advisors for additional support and information on college resources. First-year students are required to meet with advisors every other week. All other students are asked to meet with an advisor once per semester. (Santa Clara Hall, 1213)

Counseling and Psychological Services: A licensed therapist from the Counseling and Psychological Services Center (CAPS) is assigned to the college to support ALL ECS students through academic and personal concerns. (Santa Clara Hall, 1213)

Career Advising: ECS Career Center offers advising, resume building, and career fairs and internship opportunities to expose students to a variety of engineering and computer science careers. (Santa Clara Hall, 1204)

Tutoring: Free tutoring is offered to ALL ECS students in engineering and computer science core courses, as well as some specific math and science courses. Tutors are upper-division students who show exemplary academics. (Santa Clara Hall, 1217)

Development Workshop: This course is required for all freshman engineering students and students first joining MEP. The purpose is to improve student success, to make the college experience more relevant to career goals, and to help students obtain as much assistance from the University as possible while working towards their engineering degrees.

Mentor Program: Freshman in their first semester are paired with an upper division academic mentor to support them as they transition to college. In their second semester, both the freshman mentee and the academic mentor meet with an industry professional mentor for insight into professional careers.

Scholarships: The MEP Office maintains current information on scholarships and grants available to students from a variety of organizations and companies, such as NACME.