The Principal Review for Incoming Students in Mathematics (PRISM) is a 5-week interactive program created and executed by current engineering students for entering engineering students. Developed in the spring of 2011, PRISM provides an opportunity for new freshmen to refresh their math skills while learning how to work with their peers (another skill necessary for the success of engineering students). 

The program is designed for students who do not pass the university's diagnostic exams for Pre-Calculus and Calculus courses. PRISM has components from basic arithmetic through advanced Algebra, preparing students for university level Pre-Calculus. PRISM will assess the needs of each student and offer individual instruction and advice. The program focuses on three areas: General Mathematics, Algebra I, and Algebra II.

PRISM participants will progress from memorizing math facts to understanding mathematics. They will find enjoyment in their new power, develop confidence in their ability, and realize that they have the skills and tools to succeed as an engineering student.


  • To provide an opportunity for students to review and prepare for college mathematics.
  • To teach students to appreciate math.
  • To help incoming students succeed in the future.
  • To promote the success of minorities in engineering.


  1. Review essential mathematics topics
  2. Encourage new ways of thinking
  3. Help students develop crucial study skills
  4. Foster group learning environments
  5. Boost student's confidence

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