Program Requirements

To be a full member of MEP, students must complete the following requirements:

ONE-TIME REQUIREMENTS (first semester in MEP)

  • Complete MEP Application
  • Register with the Statewide MESA Database
  • MEP student photo
  • Attend weekly MEP workshop during your first semester as a new MEP student and meet all workshop requirements
  • Attend mandatory bi-weekly counseling with MEP advisor your first year in the program

CONTINUOUS REQUIREMENTS (each semester while in MEP)*

  • Attend one advising check-in appointment with MEP staff per semester
  • Attend two (2) student success events
  • Join MEP sponsored club: AISES, NSBE, SHPE, SWE (pre-professional organizations consistent with MEP's mission) and fulfill all requirements as determined by officers of the organization
  • Complete, track and report six (6) hours of community service, that is consistent with MEP's mission, each semester between MEP and club 
  • Maintain a term and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher

*Completion of these requirements must be met for students interested in priority registration.

While in MEP I agree to: 

  • Contact an MEP staff member immediately if I encounter any circumstance that can affect my academic progress.
  • Attend mandatory counseling with MEP staff and develop a plan for academic success if my term or cumulative GPA drops below 2.0 or if I am placed on or continue to be on academic probation.
  • Check my records regularly and clear all holds immediately, including academic advising holds, registration holds, and MEP holds. 
  • Check my Saclink account at least every other day since this is the only way the University communicates with me.
  • Provide updated contact information immediately to MEP staff when my contact information changes.
  • Support MEP’s vision, mission, values and the “MEP Way”.