Department of Mechanical Engineering



The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering requires completion of 30 semester units of study with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

Required Core Courses (8 units)

Engr. 201 Engineering Analysis I (3 units)
Engr. 202 Engineering Analysis II (3 units)
M.E. 209 Research Methodology (fulfills GWI requirement) (2 units)

Specialty Areas (9 units)

Select at least three courses (9 units) from the following areas of study list of approved courses.

Design and Dynamic Systems

M.E. 240 Mechanical Design Analysis
M.E. 241 Optimum Mechanical Design
M.E. 270 Advanced Computer Aided Design of Dynamic Systems
M.E. 272 Finite Element Modeling in Computer Aided Design
M.E. 276 Advanced Vibration Theory
M.E. 286 Fracture Mechanics


M.E. 233 Product Design and Manufacturing Using Artificial Intelligence
M.E. 236 Computer Controlled Manufacturing Processes
M.E. 237 Digital Control of Manufacturing Processes
M.E. 238 Automated Inspection

Thermal Energy Systems

M.E. 250 Heat Transfer: Conduction
M.E. 251 Heat Transfer: Convection
M.E. 252 Heat Transfer: Radiation
M.E. 253 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
M.E. 256 Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Compressible Flow
M.E. 258 Advanced Thermodynamics

Electives (7 - 9 units)

Select seven to nine coursework units in consultation with a faculty advisor. A maximum of two undergraduate courses may be used as elective courses.  No course may be used for both undergraduate and graduate credit.

Culminating Requirement (4 - 6 units)

A thesis proposal must be approved by the Graduate Coordinator before enrolling in M.E. 500. The proposal must include the signatures of the sponsoring professor and the second reader.