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ECS - Frequently Asked Questions | Sacramento State

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print my files using PrintSmart?
  1. Make sure that you are accessing PrintSmart through the PrintSmart website:
  2. Make sure you are logging in using your Sac State information and NOT your ECS account.
  3. After signing-in to the PrintSmart website, click either the "Choose File" or "Browse" button under Upload Document to Print.
  4. Navigate to your document, click on it, and then press OK.
  5. Make sure your document does NOT include spaces, a tilde (~), underscores, or any other special characters.
  6. Click "Next" once your file has been selected.
  7. Wait for the file to process, and then click "PrintSmart BW" to send it to the printer.
  8. Go to the printer, slide your card or enter your ID number, select your document, and then click "Print."
How do I remove/add a printer?
  1. To REMOVE the printer, navigate to the Start Menu and click on "Devices and Printers."
  2. In the new window, right-click on the desired printer to be removed.
  3. If the printer is NOT present, then skip to step 6.
  4. After right-clicking, select "remove device."
  5. When prompted with the message: "Are you sure you want to remove this device", click "Yes."
  6. To ADD the printer, go to any explorer window. Then, type "\\" into the address bar and hit enter.
  7. Right-click on the printer you would like to print to. (e.g. 2011_lz1). (Also, you can double click the icon to connect right away).
  8. Select "Connect."
  9. NOTE: The driver for the printer should then install and you are good to print.
Can I print in color?
  1. Unfortunately, the labs currently do not have any color printers for student use. If the use of color is imperative, color printers can be found in the Library and the AIRC.
How can I connect to Hydra? (Terminal Server)
  • A student can connect to Hydra with the application "Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection" available on both Mac and Windows applications.
When RUNNING the application:
  1. For the "Computer:" field, enter in "", without the quotes. Then click "Connect" on the bottom right of the window.
  2. Next, type in your username in the form of "ECS\<your ecs username>" without the quotes and the less than/greater than signs. For instance, a possible username could be "ECS\johndoe", again, without the quotes.
  3. Your ECS password should be entered as normal.
  4. Make sure when you are finished with your Hydra connection, you DO NOT just terminate the application. Make sure to log out of your hydra connection. Use the Start Menu and click "Log Out" like on any of our lab machines.
How do I apply for an ECS Account?
  1. Visit the ECS Computing Services site.
  2. Click on "ECS Accounts"
  3. Under "Request or Modify" click on "Apply for a new ECS account (Windows/Unix)."
  4. Select an account type that describes your role at CSUS and click on "Submit."
  5. Fill out the form for the information you are prompted.
I applied for an ECS Account, now what?
  1. Gather the following information: Photo ID, your 4-digit ID code (optional), proof of registration.
  2. Head to Riverside Hall 2011 or 2016.
  3. Talk to a lab assistant in one of those rooms and let them know you applied for an ECS account.
  4. Hand them the information you gathered in step 1.
  5. They will then process your account. It will take 2-3 minutes for you to receive your print out of your account information.
I am an Open University student, can I still get an ECS account?
  1. Yes, you need to have the professor you are taking the ECS class for approve you to have an account. They can approve you by either emailing or writing a note, stating that they will allow you to get an account.
I do not remember my ECS username or password, do I have to create a new account?
  1. No, you do not have to create a new ECS account.
  2. Come to Riverside Hall 2011 or 2016.
  3. Ask a lab assistant for help with your ECS account. The lab assistant will retrieve your existing username. They will also reset your password if needed.
What does my ECS account contain?
  1. Able to log-in to ECS computer systems in Riverside Hall, Santa Clara Hall, and AIRC 1014 and 1015.
  2. Remote log-in to hydra to access engineering software from off-campus.
  3. An email address which is: <username>
  4. 1.5 GB allocated space on your ECS account (a.k.a The "My Home Space on Gaia" shortcut on lab desktops).
  5. Access to specific Microsoft software from MSDN Academic Alliance for free.
  6. Access to VMWare software for free as well as other items.
  7. Access to the ECS cloud.
  8. Access to your own custom webpage with the URL of:<username>
When are the lab assistants on duty to help me with a problem/answer my questions?
  1. Lab assistants are available during Riverside/Santa Clara building hours. Hours change each semester, but are often as early as 7 PM and as late as 10 PM.
I have lost one of my items (USB drive, book, jacket, etc), where can I go to find it?
  1. First come to Riverside 2011 or 2016 as we find many items and and USB drives.
  2. If we do not have them, we will take your contact information just in case we find these items in the near future.
  3. You can also check the various ECS department offices. These offices are located within Riverside. The 3rd floor office is RVR 3018, and the 4th floor offices are RVR 4024 and RVR 4026.
  4. If you still cannot find your items, check the Campus Police on the first floor of the University Union.
What are the ways I can contact the help desk for help with questions?
  1. EMAIL: You can email us at
  2. PHONE: You can call us at (916) 278-6690.
  3. Please make sure to state your problem, location, if applicable, and leave your contact information, such as phone number or email.
How do I request software in the labs?
  1. Students: You must have a faculty member request the software for the lab in order for it to be installed.
  2. The faculty member then needs to send Patrick Brannan an email stating what software they would like AND the lab it is to be installed in.
  3. Faculty: Please follow the instructions in the Faculty Software Request Form to request software.
How do I set-up my ECS email?
    1. Select "IMAP" for the account type.
    2. Correctly enter this information in the required fields:
      • Your name
      • Your ECS email (<ecs_username>
      • Incoming Mail Server:
      • Outgoing Mail Server:
      • Your ECS username
      • Your ECS password
    3. Then, click "Next" and the application should begin to test your settings. After testing, the application should now be working with your ECS email.
  • NOTE: Users on mobile devices: when entering the information into the fields in step 2, select "Advanced" and then change the "Incoming" settings to: TLS on port 143.