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Energy is an increasingly important worldwide issue and, in our opinion, developing more efficient ways to use energy is the topic of the 21st century. The Smart Grid Group’s focus is to pull our nation away from relying on traditional, non-renewable energy sources while encouraging the use of renewable energy sources. In order to improve electricity delivery systems and promote energy efficiency we must engage in a decades-long change of our country’s energy infrastructure. Devices that deliver electricity to consumers will become more automated and interconnected.

The SGG has taken proactive steps to improve the state’s electric grid by creating research projects to train workers, inform the public, and collaborate with utilities. Specifically, the SGG has three research targets: grid security, sensor and home area networks, and electrical energy transmission and distribution. Utility grid security refers to controlling and protecting the communication systems required in new electrical transmission and distribution networks. Using these secure communication systems, SGG research seeks ways to improve customer energy use with the use of coordinated sensors in a home energy network. All that power from new renewable resources flows in ways never envisioned when the electrical grid was first formed. Consequently, the third research target is the integration of renewable resources into the electrical grid of today and tomorrow.

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