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ECS Career Fair

The Fall 2017 College of Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair will take place on October 27, 2017 in the University Union Ballroom between 8 AM and 3 PM. More than 50 companies with over 600 job openings are currently signed up, with more signing up daily. The career fair is a great place to talk face to face with industry representatives. All ECS majors are being recruited, with companies looking to fill a wide range of positions, from career positions after graduation to internships for students just starting their studies

Even if you are semesters away from graduating, the career fair can be an invaluable resource for understanding what to focus on during your studies in order to get the job you really want.

Bring your resume, polish your shoes, and put your best foot forward at the ECS Career Fair! A list of attending companies can be found here

ECS Career Fair 2017


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Our faculty continue to deliver a high quality education to our students, while also engaging in meaningful scholarly activity. However, funding for many of the initiatives that can make our college a national model for student development is in short supply. We need that funding. Therefore, we are seeking your support to help us on the three campaign fronts shown if you follow the button to the right.