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Fall 2017 Senior Design Showcase

Come join the Senior Design Showcase on Friday, December 8th, 2017.  Student senior project demonstrations and presentations from all engineering majors will be on display throughout Riverside Hall, Santa Clara Hall, and Modoc Hall.  Senior design projects are part of credit-bearing capstone courses.  Each project culminates in an end-of-semester final presentation by a team of undergraduate students that has collaborated in an effort to conceptualize, design, and in some cases, test, build, and showcase a product.

Attendees are welcome to meet our students, learn about their projects, talk to our faculty, or share their perspective and insight.

A schedule for the Senior Design Showcase can be found here.

ECS Senior Design Showcase 2017


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Our faculty continue to deliver a high quality education to our students, while also engaging in meaningful scholarly activity. However, funding for many of the initiatives that can make our college a national model for student development is in short supply. We need that funding. Therefore, we are seeking your support to help us on the three campaign fronts shown if you follow the button to the right.