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ECS Joint Council Exposition

The 2017 Engineering and Computer Science Exposition at Sacramento State, hosted by the student-run Engineering and Computer Science Joint Council, took place from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 11th.

Among the events attendees were 90 first-graders from Del Dayo Elementary School in Carmichael, who wore special Sac State “Future Hornet Engineer” T-shirts. During the expo, the first-graders taught other youngsters how to make a clever hovercraft with balloons and CDs.

“Our mission for the expo is to give younger students a hands-on experience to inspire them and get them interested in what engineers and computer scientists can do, while showcasing our clubs’ achievements,” says Jessica Bransen, a senior Civil Engineering major and the event chair.

The expo featured the projects of students and student clubs from Sac State’s College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), including:

  • Competitive Robotics staged a Robot Rumble, a full-scale battle with small, handmade robots facing off in a big glass “cage.”
  • Hornet Racing introduced its 2017 Formula-style race car, which is being built in anticipation of this summer’s Formula SAE collegiate competition in Lincoln, Neb.
  • The Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams displayed models of their work, in advance of next month’s American Society of Civil Engineers Mid-Pacific Student Competition in Chico.
  • The Computer Graphics and Game Design clubs demonstrated their latest projects and invited expo attendees to play these innovative games.

In addition, the Sacramento Police Department bomb squad demonstrated Ozbot, a battery-powered robot that assesses high-risk situations and defuses bombs. Attendees also had a chance to win raffle prizes, including bikes, gift certificates, baked goods, and more.

The expo was sponsored by ECS and its alumni group; Associated Students Inc. at Sacramento State; A T.E.E.M. Electrical Engineering; Murray, Smith & Associates Inc.; Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants; Mark Thomas; and the Sacramento Police Department.


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